Welcome to GoodSkin, a premiere cosmetic boutique and medical office in Brentwood, Los Angeles and Manhattan, New York. We are passionate about providing the best health and wellness services, so you can age gracefully. Our expertise is in the expert application of rejuvenation tools to create a natural and “untouched” look.

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Stellar Results Begin with Expert Diagnosis

We Believe in Botox That Only You Can Detect

Fillers Do Not Have to Look “Filled”

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GoodSkin is Our Passion

The Science of Aging

We are experts in the science of aging. We understand how and why the body ages and how that affects the skin. Moreover, understanding why things happen is critical for proper treatment. For example, wrinkles aren’t always the main problem – often the underlying structure needs to be corrected due to fat and bone loss that occurs from aging.

The Natural and Untouched Look™

We don’t just use one-size-fits-all treatments. Often, the reason that healthy-aging treatments look “fake” is due to technique, wrong choice of product to achieve the result, and failing to understand the client as a whole and his/her unique genetics of aging. We are not only selective in which fillers we use, but in the technique in which we use them. We want you to look and feel natural. We have done our job if you don’t look like you’ve had any work done, but you look youthful and refreshed.

The Latest Techniques and Technologies

We keep up with the latest skin rejuvenation techniques and technologies and we also use modern equipment in our office. We regularly travel to Europe, attend international conferences, and keep up with all of the exciting developments in healthy-aging treatments around the world.

GoodSkin: The Best in Healthy-Aging Treatments

With our advanced medical knowledge and expertise, you can be sure you are in good hands with GoodSkin Los Angeles. Contact us today for a consultation. We would be happy to answer all your questions.

Lisa Goodman, PA | Lauren Pack, RN | Leif Rogers, MD

GoodSkin Los Angeles

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