A different approach to NEUROTOXINS

Our Botox Techniques focus on retraining muscles to improve lift and symmetry for a more genuine and lively appearance.


At Goodskin, our Botox technique blends our European aesthetic with preventative science. Rather than simply erasing wrinkles, our primary use of neurotoxins is to improve lift and symmetry. By nature, all faces have muscles that pull up and pull down, and our focus with Botox is to relax and retrain the overly strong muscles that pull down, affecting their anatomy and creating a longer-lasting lift to the face. And by leaving some small wrinkles in carefully selected areas, we keep the face looking natural, genuine and lively.

Cat Eye Botox A special dilution along the tail of the brows to provide maximal lift in a smaller area by directly targeting the downward portion of the eye muscle.

Botox Ptosis (Uneven Eyes) Botox for uneven eyes is a fast, effective treatment that doesn’t require surgery. By placing Botox in specific areas, we have the ability to make the eyes more symmetrical.

Botox Neck Lift This specialized technique helps to prevent aging in the lower face - jowling, corners of mouth falling, and neck skin falling. Our Botox neck lift not only targets the platysma bands, but will help to keep the jawline up and in.

Bell's Palsy Botox Retraining As experts in correcting asymmetries we are able to tailor botox to activate weak muscles and deactivate compensating muscles that may be too strong.

Botox Tox Tightening/DAOA signature technique botox technique prevent downturn corners of the mouth and tighten and shrink the lower face and sides of the mouth.

Jaw Botox We use specialized techniques to address two primary areas. The first slims the entire lower face and the second addresses only the upper jaw, which often manifests when the face is clenched from smiling and the jaw shape becomes overshadowed.

Botox Forehead We apply strategic forehead botox the same as crow’s feet so the lids/brows don’t drop while softening the forehead lines.

Botox Crow's Feet Fine lines around eyes are softened while strategically leaving some crow's feet to provide a natural look when smiling, avoiding "deer in headlights" look.

Botox Brow Lift for Women Our Botox brow lift technique for women keeps the same brow shape and addresses asymmetries, while maintaining a lift without drastic peaks and unnatural arches.

Botox Brow Lift for Men Our Botox brow lift technique for men upholds the shape and structure of the face by minimizing “down muscles” over time, creating a more awake and alert appearance.

Botox Brow Shape Manipulation As experts in asymmetries and tailoring botox we are able to tailor our botox to modify the shape of the brows. This can include brows being more arched, more flat/linear, improving dropped brows, and/or correcting asymmetric brows.

Botox Jelly Roll Our Botox treatment for under eye bags can help reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes without surgery. Botox can also be administered around the eye area to decrease under eye bags, asymmetries, and crepe-like skin – we call this the “jelly roll” treatment.

Proven Results


Elaine 's GoodSkin treatments not only renewed the vibrancy throughout her mouth and lower face, it transformed her attitude and rekindled a joyous new spirit. She went from looking in the mirror and thinking "wait, what happened" to "Yes. That's me."