With the Ten Year Project, GoodSkin celebrates a decade of helping clients lookand feel their best. We spoke candidly with ten women about their experience in ourclinics, their concerns beforehand and the impact the results have had on their lives.Here’s what they had to say.

  • ANI - 44

    Anamlie values the attention to detail and personal warmth that goes into every step of care at GoodSkin, from pre-treatment to recovery. She views the clinic as the “right balance of luxury, knowledge, and a safe and welcome space."

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  • ANN - 70

    In addition to the transformative results that make her look and feel “natural and refreshed”, Ann is grateful for the clinic’s inclusive environment, citing that although her treatments were less involved she was still treated with the same level of attention, care and seriousness.

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  • JAMILLAH - 52

    Like many clients, Jamillah first met Lisa at a previous clinic and followed her when she started GoodSkin. Where other clinics offer episodic or “one-off” care, she loves that GoodSkin stays with you throughout the aging journey and makes a continual impact on her life.

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  • JENNY - 52

    A one-time client turned GoodSkin staff member, Jenny appreciates the clinic’s holistic approach, honest and transparent communication style, longterm vision and ongoing relationships with each client. The change she has experienced both inside herself and in public is immeasurable.

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  • JENN - 48

    A loyal client, Jenn appreciates the artistry of the treatments and how they’re tailored to her individual features. After years with GoodSkin she still feels she looks like herself - age appropriate, expressive, full of life and confident.

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  • JESSICA - 43

    For Jessica, it’s the personalized and tailored treatments that promote healthy aging, and the confidence she feels not only in herself, but in all women who “shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed” about seeking treatment. GoodSkin creates a positive, supportive and inclusive culture that enables clients to feel together in this journey.

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  • LAUREN - 39

    From the space itself, to the sense of warmth and welcoming, to an aging plan that has brought out “the best version of herself”, Lauren says her experience and the results have brought out a renewed sense of confidence and empowerment.

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  • MELISSA - 43

    Melissa’s vividly recalls her first experience at GoodSkin - the combination of luxury, art and science. A scientist herself, she appreciates the clinic’s use of data and photographic tracking, as well as their constant pursuit to innovate and learn more.

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  • ROSA - 67

    As the mother of Lisa and Lauren Rosa is proud of what her daughters have accomplished with GoodSkin. She believes her own results speak for themselves, but she also truly loves what her GoodSkin experience has done for her own self confidence, and how she feels about herself.

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  • SERENE - 42

    Prior to her GoodSkin experience, Serene saw treatment options as “one size fits all” and overly “done”. She says GoodSkin treated her unique and individual features and restored her back to her rather than “make her into something else”.

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