We work with NATURE. Not against it.

At the core of our work is a deep understanding of how we age and all of the factors that impact the process, from genetics to sun exposure, from ethnicity to gender. Our clinicians train in the science of aging at the top medical institutions and stay current with new learnings and therapeutic advancements.

The effects of aging on the skin

Loss of bone or even lack of bone is our primary focus for facial improvement. Similar to a tablecloth without a good table underneath, great bone structure is one of the keys to The Untouched Look™. Whether that is maintaining or improving upon existing structure we are experts at depth and product choice to most accu- rately replace mother nature and bone structure. You may not understand how your bone structure impacts your aging but we are and can make the council needed to preserve and correct bone structure.

Downward pulling muscles accelerate the aging process and lead to facial asymmetries, neck pain, and even downward turned mouth and jowling. By focusing on correcting muscle function rather than only wrinkles we help our clients in the long term and short term. Expert providers give advice to long term effects of botox muscle weakening and make a plan with a positive long term investment for muscle retraining. In the process we treat wrinkles but this is our minor focus and believe that selective wrinkles give life to the face.

We love GoodSkin! Tone, texture and elasticity all play a role in the level of results you can expect from your investment. We council our patients on skin treatments both at home and in office so we can maximize on our patients outcome. Despite any other treatments, skin is not currently replaceable and so we believe that helping our clients have smooth, clean skin is the canvas to the rest of the work we accomplish.

With age fat both looses from areas that are desirable and sinks into the lower face becoming jowling. At the same time, some loss of baby fat is ideal and allows for more facial contour. Our goal with fat is to most accurately replace lost fat pads and also to lift falling fat pads to their previous position. Due to our core aesthetic, we believe in selectively filling fat pads that help our patients appear rested but not full or puffy. We go the extra distance to evaluate patients during motion and understand how the face and cheek area will change upon expression with the addition of fillers or treatments.

Like a pair of spanx, the connective tissue of the face holds everything together. By diagnosing fascia issues we can help our patients in the long term by under- standing how treatments will hold based on tightness. On top of that we are experts in complex facial anatomy conditions such as jowling, chin ligaments, and under eye festoons. All areas that benefit from fascia tightening to have the most natural looking results. We are able to council our patients on how they can tight- en without looking worse and revealing natural bone or fat loss in the process.

  • Aging in WOMEN

    How is the aging process unique in women? What impact does it have on their facial skeleton, muscle, fat and the skin itself? By understanding these anatomical nuances, we are able to treat and prevent fat and bone loss to maintain a more youthful and healthier appearance.

  • Aging in MEN

    How is the aging process diferent for a man’s face? Why are men more prone to under eye bags, a reduced jawline and the appearance of a loose neck? By understanding how men age we can apply techniques and treatments that slow and stall the aging process.

  • Aging in ETHNICITIES

    The underlying infuences of aging vary with ethnic origin and require diferent approaches when considering treatment. Our expert clinicians have years of experience in understanding, diagnosing and treating the aging process across all ethnic backgrounds.


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