Skin care is the canvas of everything we do and the focal point of our work.


We recommend that all clients follow an at-home skin regimen to maintain or boost their GoodSkin treatments. All of our team members complete a GoodSkin x Biologique Skin Care Academy and are trained to perform skin ID analyses that use NASA technology to measure different aspects of the skin.

Feel free to email us to set up your skin diagnosis. We will be happy to assist with your at-home regimen.

75-minute high tech, clinically based facials that focus on creating a canvas of glowing, lifted skin. Using premium Biologique Recherche products, GoodSkin facials are tailored to each client and include an optional Skin Instant Lab diagnosis prior to the facial, which allows us to diagnose the skin's hydration levels, transepidermal barrier (skin's ability to hold onto water), elasticity, sebum, and pigment. This helps us to hyper-customize the facial to the client's needs and concerns.Based on the skin analysis a selection of high-tech modalities may be used, including microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage, galvanic, micro current, LED light therapy, cryotherapy, and negative-ion oxygen therapy, GS signature lab made PRP.Our facialists work with the most sensitive skin types and circumstances. They know how to perform facials on clients who’ve had recent injections without disturbing the integrity of the treatment, and can help patients post-laser treatment speed up the healing process. They are skilled at dealing with sensitized, fragile skin and can tailor the treatments to focus on lymphatic drainage which can improve swelling effects from lasers and injections.

GoodSkin x Biologique Recherche Signature Facials and Products