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From treatments to techniques, from process to products, these videos address our most commonly asked questions. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us directly.

  • What Is The GoodSkin Method?

    Every time a patient comes in, we check their photos. Is the patient showing progress with their healthy aging plan, and do they look like themselves?Then onto expert diagnosing, making a Healthy Aging Plan, and expert injectors to deliver the Untouched Look – healthy, well-rested, and the best version of yourself.

  • What Is A Healthy Aging Plan?

    Part of GoodSkin Clinics' signature method is developing each patient’s healthy aging plan. This plan is a roadmap to success that provides guidance for a patient’s treatments.

  • Why Do We Call It A Healthy Aging Plan, Not An Anti-Aging Plan?

    Patient Advocate expert Bo Kim and GoodSkin Clinics founder Lisa Goodman discuss the origins of the term “healthy aging plan.”

  • What Makes Our Providers Expert Injectors?

    GoodSkin Clinics founder Lisa Goodman shares what she looks for in a new member of the staff and what it means to be an Expert Injector. The secret is training and repetition.

  • What Is A Client Advocate?

    Client Advocate expert Bo Kim explains her role and founder Lisa Goodman shares why it was important to her to set up Client Advocates at GoodSkin Clinics. The goal is always for the patient to understand their treatment plan and pricing, and that they’ll be happy with their results.

  • What Is A Diagnosis?

    GoodSkin Clinics founder Lisa Goodman explains what a diagnosis is and looks like in an aesthetic setting.

  • Can I Come To Your Clinic If I Just Want Quick Botox?

    GoodSkin Clinics founder Lisa Goodman shares how the GoodSkin Method is more than a one-off treatment. Patient Advocate expert Bo Kim shares: “We take the time. We really care about you and your roadmap toward the healthy aging plan.”

  • How Can I Tell If My Botox Is Working For Me?

    Deciding on whether to use Botox is a matter of a client's needs. We consider not only how it will perform on their particular issues, but what will happen to the injection site down the line. We think about the long term.

  • How do you handle complications?

    This is a common question among clients – and a healthy question to ask your provider, which we encourage! Watch this clip to hear Lisa Goodman explain how well prepared the GoodSkin clinics are to handle any kind of complication, and mitigate risk while you're being treated.

  • How Long Do Treatments Last?

    Patient Advocate expert Bo Kim brings a common question to our founder Lisa Goodman: "Once I'm done with my treatment plan, how long will everything last me, and what is my maintenance?"

    Lisa explains her approach to treating patients over time to maintain results without ever having to go back and do as much.

  • Renuva Questions

    GoodSkin Clinics founder Lisa Goodman answers your questions about Renuva from what it is, to what it’s used for and more.

  • Filler Misconceptions

    Many people have questions about fillers and the safety of having fillers. GoodSkin Clinics founder Lisa Goodman shares the factors at play to have a positive or negative experience with fillers.


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