Healthy Aging and Wellness

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As we get older, the visible effects of aging become apparent in our faces

These effects cause changes in the muscles, fat, skin, and bone

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The Eye Socket

gets unevenly larger

The Maxilla

of the mid-face recedes

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Final Facial Bone Change Color.jpg

The Cheekbone

becomes more straight and less angled

The Jawbone

partially reduces

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Our Signature Process

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We use fillers and collagen stimulators to preserve and lift lost facial structure rather than simply plumping or filling
We use neurotoxin injections (like Botox) to treat and retrain dysfunctional down muscles, which prevents sagging and gives long-lasting results.
We use threads and fat-dissolving injections (like Kybella) to lift and reposition falling fat and sagging skin to its former higher plane.
Our clinical level skin treatments like fractional lasers, PRP micro-needling and neurotoxin facials can tighten loose skin, shrink pores and smooth the skin's texture by forming new collagen and elastin.


We are the first and only official
Biologique Recherche Centre
in Brentwood, California

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