Nurturing Sensitive Skin Through Healthy Aging, beautiful older woman touching her face

Nurturing Sensitive Skin Through Healthy Aging

Nurturing Sensitive Skin Through Healthy Aging, beautiful older woman touching her face

Studies suggest that over 50% of people globally may experience sensitive skin issues. Sensitive skin can be painful, contribute to consistent flair-ups, and necessitate more delicate treatment. However, having sensitive skin does not prevent you from receiving the proper care and attention for your skin. GoodSkin is equipped to treat all skin types and craft unique treatment plans to suit each client.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures top-tier treatment quality while prioritizing safety. GoodSkin practitioners undergo rigorous training in anatomy and attend the industry's premier event in aesthetics and injectables, AMWC, to stay at the forefront of the latest advancements and technologies. Furthermore, each of our providers has dedicated over 500 hours of practice to perfecting the GoodSkin Method alone.

Some treatment options may be unexplored if you’ve previously struggled with sensitive skin. At GoodSkin, we start with a thorough diagnosis to understand your skin and build treatments around that analysis. Sensitive skin can be beautiful, and at GoodSkin, we help clients retain a natural look while accommodating unique intricacies.

Types of Sensitive Skin And Conditions

Sensitive skin can mean many things and relate to various symptoms and conditions. Learning why your skin reacts to specific treatments or environmental elements will provide a better understanding and reduce the likelihood of a flair-up. The skin can respond for different reasons, and learning these will allow for more positive, lasting results.

Sensitivity in the skin can have both genetic and environmental origins. Inherited factors can lead to naturally sensitive skin, often associated with inflammatory conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

Environmental influences can also contribute to heightened skin sensitivity. Exposure to elements like sunlight, cigarette smoke, or air pollution can trigger adverse reactions in the skin, leading to discomfort and irritation.

Reactive skin tends to become red and inflamed when exposed to certain skincare products, resulting in a reddened, warm, and irritated complexion.

Additionally, some individuals may experience increased skin sensitivity due to thinness. Our skin naturally becomes thinner as we age, making it more susceptible to irritation and discomfort. Understanding the aging process as it relates to skin provides better treatment outcomes. GoodSkin gives each client a unique diagnosis and crafts a specific treatment plan for your skin.

The GoodSkin Method

The GoodSkin Method represents a holistic approach to achieving what we call The Untouched Look™, a result that reflects the healthiest and most genuine version of yourself. Every facet of the GoodSkin Method, from the initial assessment to ongoing care, is meticulously considered. Each step is equally essential in preserving a fresh, natural, and unique appearance.

Our journey within the GoodSkin Method commences with a thorough analysis of your inherent genetic attributes. This includes aspects such as bone structure, skin quality, muscle composition, fat distribution, and fascia. This comprehensive evaluation equips our experts with the essential insights for crafting an individualized treatment plan to preserve a natural and vibrant appearance.

Once the diagnosis and treatment plan is established, a dedicated team collaborates with each client, continuously monitoring their progress. The techniques employed within the GoodSkin treatment framework draw inspiration from a European approach characterized by its all-encompassing perspective on cosmetic concerns, aiming to achieve an authentic and refreshed aesthetic.

Sensitive Skin Treatment

Below are a few of our treatments to help with sensitive skin and provide natural, positive results. Sensitive skin can require specific treatments for underlying conditions but can also react to excess attention and products. GoodSkin treatments consider the initial diagnosis and changes that may occur throughout the treatment process to accommodate your skin at each step.

Rosacea/Acne Mandelic Treatment

Our Mandelic Acid Peel addresses sensitive skin concerns, including rosacea, acne, blackheads, and excess oiliness. This treatment provides surface-level benefits and penetrates deep into the skin tissue to regulate inflammatory pathways, targeting the underlying causes of these issues. We often complement the treatment with Cryotherapy and LED therapy to diminish these pathways further and promote rapid healing.


We frequently integrate IPL into our comprehensive range of laser treatments to address a broad spectrum of concerns, including red capillaries, brown spots, acne, uneven skin texture, persistent pigment issues, and even challenging cases of rosacea. One of our exclusive laser treatments, the Photo Peel, combines IPL with a painless peel for individuals grappling with stubborn skin discolorations. When used independently, IPL boasts a non-invasive approach with minimal downtime, effectively targeting diverse skin issues, resulting in a rejuvenated, radiant complexion with improved tone and texture.

Cosmelan MD Peel

Skin can develop brown, red, or unevenly colored patches due to various factors, impacting individuals of all racial backgrounds. The Cosmelan MD peel is a highly effective solution for addressing hyperpigmentation concerns, including melasma, rosacea, and acne-related skin issues. We exclusively employ the enhanced Cosmelan MD peel, which delivers the same exceptional skin-lightening results as a traditional peel but in half the time, ensuring a more efficient treatment process.

PhotoFrax Laser

Our PhotoFrax treatment is a comprehensive non-surgical facelift solution. This transformative treatment combines erbium laser skin therapy, which enhances skin texture, diminishes wrinkles, and eliminates scars, with IPL treatment, known as a Photofacial, designed to address skin pigmentation concerns, minimize visible red blood vessels, and lighten areas affected by rosacea.

GoodSkin x Biologique Recherche Signature Facials

Our 75-minute advanced facials, rooted in clinical expertise, primarily focus on illuminating and lifting your skin. GoodSkin facials utilize premium Biologique Recherche products, meticulously personalized to suit each client's unique needs. Before the facial, clients can undergo a Skin Instant Lab diagnosis, providing us with vital insights into their skin's hydration levels, transepidermal barrier function (the skin's ability to retain moisture), elasticity, sebum production, and pigment profile. This diagnostic process empowers us to tailor the facial hyper-specifically to address the client's concerns and requirements.

Based on this in-depth skin analysis, our skilled practitioners may employ an array of cutting-edge modalities, including microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage, galvanic treatments, microcurrent stimulation, LED light therapy, cryotherapy, negative-ion oxygen therapy, and our signature lab-made PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma).

Our facialists are adept at catering to the most sensitive skin types and unique circumstances. They possess the expertise to perform facials on clients who have recently undergone injections without compromising the efficacy of the treatment. Additionally, they can assist patients in expediting the healing process post-laser treatments. Their proficiency extends to managing sensitive skin, allowing them to customize treatments to emphasize lymphatic drainage, effectively reducing swelling resulting from laser procedures and injections.

GoodSkin For Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin does not mean you have untreatable or demanding skin. All skin is unique and should be treated as such. We are focused on client comfort and safety while providing effective and beneficial treatment for healthy aging. The GoodSkin method is about crafting an Untouched Look™ unique to you, your body, and your skin. Not all treatments work for all clients, and some healthy aging plans must be adjusted over time. We work with you to craft a plan that includes how your skin may change and react.

Sensitive skin can still be healthy, beautiful skin with the right touch. Our treatments can help with blotchy, uneven skin, skin experiencing breakouts, and specific conditions like rosacea and psoriasis. Contact us today to learn more about GoodSkin, our treatment options, and how you could improve your skin. Read more about our treatments through our website here.


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