We specialize in corrections cases and maintain healthier and longer-lasting resultsthrough the GoodSkin Method.


We specialize in corrections cases. Nothing gives us more joy than seeing a client’s hope renewed and their appearance revitalized. Most often a client comes to us for corrections because they have had many micro treatments, such as filling a line or fold. On their own these types of cosmetic touch ups seem safe because they’re minor, but over time they compound and give the front of the face a flat and dull appearance while the underlying facial proportions have been ignored. The client often can’t pinpoint the issue and aren’t sure if they need a correction, but they intuitively know that something is off.This is the main reason we emphasize the importance of the GoodSkin Method and achieving the Untouched Look. Looking like the best version of yourself requires an extensive understanding of the science, a thoughtfully considered plan that extends over time and a multi-modal approach that treats the underlying causes across all parts of the face, neck, chest, hands and body. This is why our clients avoid the need for corrections and maintain a longer, more youthful and natural appearance. We take this same approach with corrections.

Proven Results


A trans woman who’d undergone 11 years of hormone therapy and numerous facial feminization surgeries, Angelita came to GoodSkin for post-surgery corrections that helped treat some lingering male-signifying areas. The results gave her a fullness and femininity that restored her confidence and sense of identity.