Ozempic Face And The Follow-Up Corrections, arrows on woman's face showing where to lift skin

Ozempic Face And The Follow-Up Corrections

Ozempic Face And The Follow-Up Corrections, arrows on woman's face showing where to lift skin

Ozempic, a medication used to aid weight loss, has gained significant popularity over the last year alone. As people embark on their weight loss journeys, they may notice changes in their overall body composition and facial appearance. These transformations can profoundly affect the perception of aging and overall well-being. Weight loss, whether achieved through medication like Ozempic or other means, often reduces body fat, which makes these trends popular. However, a significant and fast reduction can contribute to an aged appearance.

The latest diet drugs continue to make the rounds through social media and in celebrity culture, making fad diets and terms like “Ozempic face” all the more popular. When weight loss is done right or through a fad diet, it can lead to fat loss in the face. These changes are natural but can contribute to loose and sagging skin. Facial fat loss also occurs with age, and GoodSkin can provide treatments that help rejuvenate skin and create a healthier, natural look.

Diet Fads

When it comes to losing extra pounds, many seek a speedy solution. Online platforms abound with diet plans that offer swift and seemingly miraculous outcomes. Often, these outcomes are too miraculous to be real.

Fad diets hold allure because they pledge to deliver what everyone desires: a straightforward and rapid route to significant weight loss. Nevertheless, healthcare experts have long understood that the key to effective weight management is consuming a diverse range of nutritious foods and regular physical activity.

In the past year, Ozempic, an injectable medication designed for diabetes management, gained widespread attention. It's shown up on TikTok, talk shows, and tabloids as people enthusiastically shared their off-label use experiences for weight loss. This surge of interest continued into the fall with the introduction of Wegovy, a similar medication specifically approved for weight management. This has only continued with the introduction of Mounjaro as a possible weight loss drug currently used to treat type 2 diabetes.


Ozempic, a medication for type 2 diabetes, has become the hottest weight loss trend of the current moment. On platforms like TikTok, hashtags such as #ozempic and #ozempicweightloss have amassed millions of views and continue to grow. This surge in popularity has created high demand, resulting in shortages of this prescription-only medication.

The term "Ozempic face" encompasses a range of facial changes that can occur due to weight loss. These changes may include excess facial skin, a sunken or hollow appearance, or the perception of aging in the face. However, the term highlights how critical society is regarding physical appearance, the obsession and disdain around weight, and how it can change someone’s features.


Recently, Mounjaro, another diabetes medication, has started to capture people's interest as many turn to it for off-label weight loss. Some preliminary research suggests that Mounjaro may possess more weight loss potential than other trending options.

Tirzepatide, the active ingredient in Mounjaro, mimics these two hormones naturally found in the body: glucagon-like peptide-1, or GLP-1, and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide. Other drugs like Ozempic only stimulate one hormone, leading to the belief that Mounjaro may work well, lowering blood sugar levels and triggering weight loss because the two hormones may work synergistically.

The Facts

Neither Ozempic nor Mounjaro are approved as weight loss drugs. The clamoring market to use them as such has even made it challenging for individuals with diabetes to receive their prescriptions. While there is nothing inherently wrong with weight loss or weight gain, fad diets can be dangerous and unhealthy. It is important to only use drugs for their approved purpose and to engage in healthy habits when working toward weight loss.

It is also worth noting that the facial skin naturally loses elasticity and tends to sag more with age. While “Ozempic face” has become a buzzword on the internet, losing facial fat is a natural result of weight loss. Anyone losing a noticeable amount of weight could experience this look. They may benefit from corrective treatments to help the skin regain elasticity and tightness.

Skin Treatments

Achieving smooth and clear skin is the foundation for optimal outcomes across all our treatments. At GoodSkin, we recognize the potential even in challenging skin types and provide expert clinical guidance tailored to your concerns. Whether it's laser therapies, peels, or customized at-home skincare routines, we're committed to crafting a personalized plan that fosters and sustains healthy, youthful-looking skin for you.

We stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies with laser treatments. GoodSkin aims to offer the most advanced options to our clients. We often recommend combinations of laser treatments to ensure you receive the best results with minimal downtime. Each of our skin treatments includes the benefits of complimentary PRO nox (nitrous oxide for pain relief) and clinical-grade lab-made EGF serum, designed to expedite healing and enhance results without blood draws.

Treatments like Morpheus8 and Facetite may benefit those with loose or sagging skin associated with Ozempic face. However, these treatments are not one-size-fits-all. Clients receive a complete diagnosis before treatment to better understand which procedures will work best and craft a unique Healthy Aging Plan to provide natural-looking results.

Lifting Techniques And Filler

We utilize diverse modalities and approaches to achieve a naturally rejuvenated appearance. Among our most sought-after techniques are threads—dissolvable sutures featuring minute barbs strategically positioned to anchor sagging skin. Threads excel in lifting the face without adding volume. We prioritize precision and source threads from a company that employs a press molding technique rather than cutting. This preserves structural integrity and optimizes lift strength.

In addition to threads, we employ various filler techniques designed to maximize lift. One of our distinctive methods, Tacking, involves placing high-density filler beneath the muscle to create tension. This results in a lifted effect for the lower face. Our expertise in facial anatomy enables us to harness the science behind ligaments to introduce innovative lift approaches rather than simply filling the face.


Our Tacking™ technique involves gently "tacking" the skin of the mid/lower face. This treatement achieves a refined and naturally contoured look, particularly enhancing the appearance of cheekbones. The choice of technique and products is crucial in addressing bone and fat loss while avoiding the unwanted puffiness often associated with the "apple cheek" effect. We recognize that the aging process in the midface and gender-specific aesthetics differ for women, and we tailor our approach accordingly.

The GoodSkin TackingLift™ for men aims at enhancing the midface for a lifted and sculpted appearance. We utilize a structural filler to elevate the midface and eye region without the risk of appearing overly puffy during smiling or facial expressions. For individuals who identify as gender-neutral, we are happy to discuss personalized options that suit your preferences.

Temple Fillers

As time passes, our bodies undergo a natural loss of volume and bone density, which becomes particularly noticeable in the facial and adjacent regions. At GoodSkin, our approach to fillers goes beyond simply achieving a plump appearance. We work to preserve and restore your facial bone structure. Temple fillers often benefit those with Ozempic face symptoms and fat loss in specific areas, causing a gaunt appearance.

The temples are crucial for maintaining the natural balance and harmony of one's facial features. As individuals age there is a tendency for the upper temporal region to narrow, which can give rise to a "bowling pin" shaped appearance as the mid and lower parts of the face sag. Temple filler treatments can help restore youthful facial balance, but it's imperative to consider the broader facial context. It's not merely about filling the temple as an isolated hollow. We must also consider factors like cheekbone size, eye shape, and the distance between the eyes.

Before selecting the most suitable filler, our process commences with a comprehensive assessment. This evaluation entails meticulously examining your bone structure and fat pads, carefully selecting the most appropriate product. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of your facial structure, diminish signs of aging, and enhance the overall lift and contours for a rejuvenated look.

Refresh With GoodSkin

Achieving your best, most authentic self involves a deep comprehension of the underlying science. Our carefully devised long-term strategy and multi-faceted approach addresses the root causes affecting various areas of the body. This holistic approach is instrumental in helping our clients avoid the need for corrective measures. The GoodSkin Method enables clients to maintain a youthful and naturally appealing appearance over an extended period. We apply the same meticulous approach when addressing corrections.

Whether you're contending with loose skin due to weight loss and the Ozempic face look or seeking enhancements to rectify previous procedures performed at other clinics, we can collaborate with your unique features to enhance and revitalize your facial aesthetics. Contact us to learn more about our treatments and the GoodSkin Method.


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