smooth chin dimples - young woman smiling and lightly holding her face with blurred spa background

Smoothing Chin Dimples For A Flawless Jawline

smooth chin dimples - young woman smiling and lightly holding her face with blurred spa background

Wrinkles can form all over the body and cause gradual changes in appearance. One area many do not expect to see the impact of aging is the chin. However, the chin can develop a more rough texture over time, forming the appearance of chin dimples. The chin is composed of the mentalis muscle and the jawbone. Sometimes, this area can exhibit hyperactivity or be slightly oversized, which some people find undesirable. In some instances, the muscle in this region may involuntarily move, resulting in dimples or a pebbled appearance on the chin's skin. Botox treatment for the chin offers an effective solution for reducing the development and worsening of chin dimples.

Our Botox techniques focus on retraining muscles to enhance lift and symmetry, yielding a more authentic and vibrant appearance. At GoodSkin, we deeply value and understand the process of aging. This journey, marked by five distinct stages, is unique for each person, and our highly trained clinicians have the expertise to recognize and address it with precision. Our understanding of aging and anatomy is the cornerstone of our commitment to preserving and enhancing natural beauty through corrective and preventive measures.

GoodSkin can provide simple, safe treatment if chin dimples are a concern or becoming more noticeable. Our process begins with a consultation and diagnosis to evaluate how best to preserve your unique look and then progress to crafting a Healthy Aging Plan and treatment.

Chin Dimples

Many individuals may only be aware of dimpled chin lines if they observe themselves in the mirror while conversing or eating. These depressions and lines typically develop from fat loss in the chin region over time. They can also manifest in younger individuals due to an overactive mentalis muscle. When the mentalis muscles excessively contract, they exert an upward pull on the chin, forming a dimpling effect, commonly referred to as ‘orange peel chin’ or ‘golf ball chin.’

Dimpled chin lines often arise from various factors. These include the increased contraction of facial muscles, which can result in the appearance of wrinkles and creases. Additionally, acne can play a role in the development of chin dimples. Natural aging and fat loss in and around the chin can also contribute to this condition. Researchers have suggested there could be a genetic component to the formation of chin dimples.

Chin Dimple Treatment

Botox can effectively address chin dimpling, commonly called 'peau de orange' due to its resemblance to an orange peel texture. This non-invasive procedure offers a solution to achieve a smoother chin and restore its youthful appearance.

Women tend to have fewer sweat glands around the mouth, which can accelerate the development of this dimpling effect. As a result, we recommend considering preventive treatment before 'orange peel chin' becomes significantly noticeable. Botox is effective as a preventative measure when used over time and before severe wrinkles and lines form.

The GoodSkin Strategy

Goodskin's Botox approach combines European aesthetics with a preventive scientific approach. Rather than solely targeting wrinkle reduction, our primary objective with neurotoxins is to enhance facial lift and symmetry. Naturally, facial muscles have both upward and downward pulling tendencies. Our Botox strategy centers around relaxing and retraining excessively strong muscles responsible for the downward pull. This approach has a lasting impact on facial structure, resulting in a more sustained lift.

By intentionally preserving certain small wrinkles in strategically chosen areas, we aim to maintain a natural, authentic, and vibrant appearance for the face.

Additional Jawline Procedures

When treating the chin area, it can be pertinent to consider the overall effect and how the jawline looks. Chin dimples can be corrected over time. However, also ensuring the jawline can withstand the changes brought on by age can provide a more cohesive, natural look.

As we progress in age, the jawbone tends to experience bone loss, which can exacerbate visible signs of aging. This process leads to a narrowing of the jawbone, diminishing its definition and contributing to sagging skin and the development of jowls in the lower face. Our Botox and jaw filler contouring techniques effectively address these concerns, delivering a refined, rejuvenated, and overall healthier appearance to the jawline and face.

Our team of injection specialists adopts a personalized approach to the jawline. Each treatment is meticulously tailored to preserve the client's unique natural jawline and bone structure while enhancing these features to achieve a natural Untouched Look™. Our process commences with a comprehensive diagnosis. This allows us to select the most appropriate technique and product to achieve your desired outcome. The Healthy Aging Plan built from the diagnosis may include chin botox for chin dimples and a procedure listed below if jawline contouring is a concern.


The need to correct the jawline can arise from causes other than aging, such as stress, jaw clenching, and teeth grinding, which can widen the jawline over time. This concern is particularly relevant for women who want to avoid appearing overly masculine due to a broadened jawline.

Our JawTox Botox technique works to relax the appropriate muscles and retrain stress-related habits that negatively affect the jaw. With JawTox, we target two primary areas. The first focuses on slimming the entire lower face. The second area concentrates on reshaping the upper jaw to correct any overshadowing of the jaw shape.

Calcium Jowl Lift

Age-related jaw bone loss can lead to the appearance of jowls in the lower face. Our Calcium Jowl Lift is a signature technique designed to correct this issue while preserving the client's natural jawline and creating a refreshed facial look. This technique utilizes a bone-like filler to restore lost bone structure in the jaw and lift loose lower face skin. We use Radiesse, a calcium-based filler, to replenish lost bone and fat in the lower face, providing firmness and lift to address jowls. The same approach can be applied to men, focusing on achieving a more masculine jawline while supporting the surrounding neck skin.

Our filler techniques for jawline contouring go beyond simply filling the face. We prioritize adding structure while stimulating collagen production to slow down the aging process and further preserve the jawline.

Jaw Sculpt

Our Jaw Sculpting technique employs jaw fillers to address bone loss and rejuvenate the jawline. We customize our approach based on gender due to the development of posterior jawline notching. For women, we focus on enhancing the natural jawline, slowing down bone loss, and lifting sagging skin around the jawline, promoting graceful aging. In men, we aim to achieve a natural yet well-defined jaw-to-neck ratio.

Smooth, Natural Results

At GoodSkin, our approach is firmly rooted in science. Our recommendations cater to your individual genetic aging needs and attributes rather than being influenced by passing trends or fads. We do not aim to create an appearance that appears altered or "done." Instead, we believe genuine beauty emerges from a profound respect for and understanding of aging. Our extensive knowledge of aging and anatomy is the core of our primary focus on corrective and preventive cases.

Whether you are a new client or seeking corrections, our science-based approach works to identify the key areas necessary to achieve The Untouched Look™. These areas may not always be immediately apparent. That's why we take the time to educate you and collaboratively develop a treatment plan aimed at delivering the most natural, healthy, and refreshed version of yourself. Should chin botox to treat chin dimples be a part of your treatment plan, you can feel confident the recommendation comes from a thorough diagnosis and exploration of your unique traits. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about the GoodSkin method and our treatment options.


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