hand rejuvenation skin transformation, two hands holding one hand on white background

Transforming Skin With Hand Rejuvenation

Hand rejuvenation transforming skin, two hands holding one hand on white background

Hand rejuvenation can help return youth to an often overlooked area. When people think about body parts that show age more prominently, hands aren’t always first on the list. However, hands are impacted by aging like all other body parts and can show the impact of wear sooner than in other areas. Sun damage and everyday wear can cause gradual damage over time, leading to more weathered, aged hands. Hand rejuvenation offers ways to improve how hands look and feel, keeping them healthier and stronger.

At GoodSkin, we treat all areas of the body that may need attention and provide a thorough diagnosis to determine what will work best. If hand rejuvenation is a part of your treatment plan, you may want to learn more about how age impacts hands and our treatment process for improving their look and feel.

How Hands Age

As time passes, your skin gradually produces fewer of its natural oils, essential for maintaining the hydration and smoothness of your hands. Everyday household chores like washing dishes can strip away moisture, leaving hands prone to dryness and the effects of aging. These signs can show up in various ways, including:

  • Prominent Veins: When the skin loses its firmness and thickness, the veins on the back of your hands become more noticeable.
  • Sunspots: Over time, dark patches of skin, known as sunspots, can emerge on your hands due to prolonged exposure to UV light. Applying SPF is crucial to protect the skin on the back of your hands.
  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines: As we age, our body's elasticity diminishes. It produces less collagen and elastin, forming wrinkles and fine lines. Wrinkles and fine lines can start to appear as early as age 20 and progress with the aging of your hands.
  • Weathered Nails: It's natural for nails to weaken as you grow older. This is often accompanied by discoloration, leading to a darker or more yellowed appearance. Like our hands, fingernails lose their resilience and can become damaged over time, further accentuating the signs of aging on hands.

Many people may not realize that with age, the loss of collagen and elastin production impacts the skin all over the body, not only in the face. However, these inevitable changes in the hands don’t have to betray age. Options are available for hand rejuvenation, allowing them to look and feel more youthful and healthy.

Hand Rejuvenation

Our clients often express concerns about the signs of aging in their hands, such as sagging skin, prominent veins, and a texture resembling crepe paper. We offer a solution for hand rejuvenation through cannulas, which allows precise filler placement to conceal the veins. Additionally, by incorporating PRP (platelet-rich plasma derived from your own blood and rich in natural healing properties), we can expedite the healing process, reducing downtime.

Platelet-rich plasma denotes a blood plasma sample containing up to eight times the usual concentration of platelets. This therapy amplifies the body's innate capacity for self-repair and enhances the healing process while reducing recovery time for acute and chronic injuries affecting soft tissues and joints.


One of the fillers used for hand rejuvenation is Renuva. Renuva can be diluted and applied to various areas of the body, catering to specific needs. For instance, the neck, which exhibits noticeable signs of aging and develops loose, crepey skin, can benefit from a customized approach. One method involves diluting Renuva to create what we refer to as a "wash." This technique effectively conceals neck bands and improves crepey skin texture without overly augmenting neck fullness. In this context, Renuva functions primarily as a skin-enhancing treatment. The power of Renuva can help rejuvenate the hands, enhancing volume and restoring a more youthful appearance.

Following a Renuva treatment for hand rejuvenation at our clinic, clients receive comprehensive care instructions. These instructions include gently massaging of the treated area. Any initial bumpiness tends to smooth out over time naturally, but incorporating massage can expedite the process.

Interestingly, unlike some other fillers, Renuva has not been observed to induce latent swelling episodes in clients with autoimmune conditions. Its bioidentical formulation makes it a favorable choice for individuals with autoimmune issues. Our clients frequently report that Renuva imparts a dewy complexion. It provides subtle plumpness while restoring the smoothness reminiscent of younger years. Thanks to Renuva's rich array of growth factors, it also accelerates the healing process for all treatments. Renuva is often combined with other modalities to enhance positive outcomes.

The GoodSkin Method

At GoodSkin, clients seeking hand rejuvenation and a more natural appearance receive tailored care. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, we prioritize custom treatments. When you entrust your care to GoodSkin, every treatment is precisely chosen to enhance your look while preserving your natural essence.

The GoodSkin Method commences with a thorough assessment of your inherent genetic traits. This diagnosis encompassing factors like bone structure, muscle composition, skin quality, fat distribution, and fascia. This meticulous analysis furnishes invaluable insights into your distinct aging process, laying the foundation for your comprehensive treatment plan. Considering your specific attributes, we deliver personalized care that celebrates your inherent beauty and promotes harmonious rejuvenation.

Following a thorough diagnosis, we craft a Healthy Aging Plan that spotlights the optimal treatment options and desired outcomes. This plan adjusts during each visit to accommodate changes over time. Serving as a comprehensive roadmap, the Healthy Aging Plan outlines our vision for achieving the best results and establishes a structured and strategic path toward your goals. This plan ensures we remain on track and work diligently to attain your desired outcomes.

The Untouched Look

Frequently, clients find it challenging to precisely identify the issue they're facing, and they may be unsure whether a correction or improvement is necessary. However, they possess an intuitive sense that something isn't quite right.

This is the primary rationale behind our strong emphasis on the GoodSkin Method and pursuing the Untouched Look™. The Untouched Look™ represents the finest, healthiest, and most authentic rendition of yourself. Throughout the GoodSkin Method, from initial diagnosis to ongoing treatment, every stage is meticulously thought out. All are equally essential to preserve a fresh, natural appearance that remains distinctly you.

Achieving a heightened version of oneself necessitates a comprehensive grasp of the scientific aspects, a meticulously devised plan that spans an extended period, and a multi-faceted approach addressing the root causes across various areas, including the face, neck, chest, hands, and body. As a result, our clients can sidestep the need for corrections and sustain a more enduring, youthful, and authentic appearance.

Healthier Hands

Hands can easily betray age and reflect use from years. The GoodSkin Method can analyze and diagnose if you would benefit from hand rejuvenation treatment. Then our practitioners will provide expert guidance on how to go about that process. Every client works with practitioners and a patient advocate to ensure safety and satisfaction.

Whether you're a new client embarking on this journey or seeking corrections, our science-driven approach can help pinpoint the key elements necessary to attain The Untouched Look. Your plan could include hand rejuvenation. Some of these aspects may not be readily apparent when you gaze in the mirror. This is why we invest in educating and collaborating to develop a treatment plan to unveil the most authentic, rejuvenated version of yourself. Contact us to learn more about what GoodSkin can offer.


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