Botox Facts and Questions

Botox Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

Botox Facts and QuestionsAt GoodSkin, we work to provide a comfortable and safe atmosphere to receive treatment and achieve an untouched, natural look that promotes healthy aging. This means prioritizing a seamless and relaxing experience, with attention to every detail, from our clinics' ambiance to our staff's professionalism and state-of-the-art technology. Our high level of attention and focus on your comfort is maintained during all our many treatments, including Botox. This also involves providing thorough Botox facts before and after treatment to ensure understanding and safety.

We utilize advanced technology to deliver the best quality treatments while prioritizing safety. Our providers are highly knowledgeable in anatomy and undergo extensive training at the world's leading conference in aesthetics and injectables, AMWC. This dedication ensures we stay ahead of the industry's latest advancements and technologies. To provide the most comfortable treatment and atmosphere, we promote open conversations with clients and want all your questions answered. If Botox is part of your Healthy Aging Plan, some of the questions below may be on your mind, and these Botox facts will help provide clarity.

GoodSkin And Botox

At GoodSkin, our unique Botox technique harmonizes European aesthetics with preventive science. Our approach goes beyond merely erasing wrinkles; we prioritize utilizing neurotoxins to enhance lift and symmetry. Each face possesses muscles that pull up and down, and our emphasis with Botox is on relaxing and retraining the overly strong muscles that cause a downward pull. By doing so, we influence anatomy, resulting in a longer-lasting lift to the face.

We also recognize the importance of maintaining a natural, genuine, lively appearance. By strategically leaving some minor wrinkles in carefully selected areas, we ensure the face retains its authentic charm while benefiting from the transformative effects of our Botox treatment.

Our method in all treatments involves a holistic and comprehensive approach dedicated to achieving what we call The Untouched Look™– the ultimate embodiment of your best, healthiest, and most natural self. Each step is planned and equally significant, from initial diagnosis to ongoing treatment, ensuring your appearance remains refreshingly authentic.

Botox Facts And Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some initial questions if Botox is included in your Healthy Aging Plan. Below are the common questions, helpful Botox facts, and tips for after-treatment. If you have other questions or concerns, speak with our team so we can address any additional needs and provide you with a comfortable and open space.

We assign patient advocates to everyone receiving treatment at GoodSkin to ensure proper progress with the short- and long-term aging plans. They provide visit summaries and conduct detailed follow-ups to monitor your progress and results. They are always available to address any questions or concerns you may have throughout your journey.

When can I work out after my Botox treatment?

We recommend you wait at least four hours before doing any light to moderate exercise and avoid strenuous activities, including anything heated, for at least 24 hours after your treatment.

When can I resume my normal lifestyle?

You should avoid rubbing or massaging your face, exercising, and laying flat for four hours after treatment. If you perform hot yoga or engage in strenuous exercise (defined as a heart rate over 130), you should wait 24 hours after treatment.

What do I do if I have a bruise?

Bruising may happen and will subside in a few days. Icing, topical arnica, and avoiding blood thinners before treatment will help.

One side is kicking in before the other. What do I do?

Sometimes, results may look slightly uneven initially because the Botox may “kick in” at different rates. Do not worry. The product takes 2-3 weeks to settle, and any irregularities will get addressed in your follow-up appointment.

Are there any possible side effects?

In most cases, there will be no side effects when treated with neurotoxin. However, people can be affected differently because everybody’s physiology is unique. A small minority of people reported the following side effects.

  • Bruising — For most patients, the injection area will appear no different. For a small minority, some minor bruising may occur.
  • Bumps — Small bumps may appear on the skin a few minutes after treatment. These will disappear very quickly.
  • Headache — True neurotoxin allergies are exceedingly rare. A temporary headache is the most commonly reported symptom following anti-aging injectables. However, a very low number of patients report headaches compared with the number of treatments performed. Any headache can be treated with the usual painkillers.

What are the symptoms of a reaction to neurotoxin?

Generally, neurotoxin injection side effects are rare, and recovery is swift. Your patient advocate is available for questions or concerns over minor side effects such as bruising and headaches.

Am I allowed to touch my face after having anti-wrinkle injections?

Yes, your face will not feel overly sore or tender. Treatment will not prevent you from washing or continuing with your usual skincare regimen. However, you should avoid rubbing or massaging your face for up to four hours after treatment.

Can I keep having anti-wrinkle injections?

Yes. A common Botox fact to remember is that neurotoxin does not ‘build up’ or accumulate in your system. We recommend scheduled treatments at about 12-16 weeks. Once the effects have worn off, it is safe for you to top up treatments in the same area. It is also perfectly safe to have multiple treatments in different areas simultaneously.

Can I wear makeup after neurotoxin treatment?

Yes, but ideally, avoid make-up for an hour or so. Again, it is recommended that you do not apply too much pressure for the first four hours to ensure that the injectable treatment does not disperse from the treated area.

What if my neurotoxin results are not what I expected?

It takes 2-3 weeks to see your full results. We always review the technical and aesthetic results in your follow-up session.

Can I fly after Botox?

Yes, clients will not experience any adverse effects from flying with neurotoxin injections. Changes in altitude or cabin pressure do not impact injections

What should I do if I have concerns after my neurotoxin injection treatment?

Our practitioners are always available at the clinic if you have any concerns regarding the aesthetic outcome of your treatment. Please contact your patient coordinators at (310) 400-6534 or

Can I sleep after neurotoxin?

Botulinum Toxin injections consist of a safe, naturally purified protein. A course of treatment has little impact on usual day-to-day activity and will not affect your sleeping patterns. To allow the toxin injectables to settle, you should avoid putting pressure on the treated area or laying on your treated areas for around four hours.

How soon after the treatment can I have a facial?

We recommend not rubbing the neurotoxin treatment area for up to four hours post-treatment. This includes the gentle rubbing associated with a facial treatment. We advise not having a facial within 24 hours post-procedure.

How long after Botox can you lie down?

We typically recommend waiting four hours before lying flat to ensure the toxin doesn’t migrate or encourage bruising.

Prioritizing Safety And Comfort At GoodSkin

GoodSkin's approach revolves around personalized care, starting with a detailed diagnosis and a comprehensive Healthy Aging Plan tailored to each client's needs. This individualized method ensures that the treatment plan is thoughtfully curated, incorporating the most effective treatments and cutting-edge technologies to achieve optimal and satisfying results.

While receiving beauty treatments is common, some clients may not feel immediately comfortable with certain procedures. That's why GoodSkin follows a thorough methodology, ensuring that clients fully understand our methods and fostering a sense of open collaboration throughout the process. Reading through all the Botox facts helps clients better prepare and understand the best healing practices.

Clients can discuss questions or concerns during the initial consultation and following appointments. This open conversation fosters trust and confidence in the recommended diagnosis, setting the stage for a collaborative partnership between the client and our clinic. This partnership aligns the client's aspirations with our expertise, creating a transformative and rewarding experience on the journey to healthy aging. Contact us to begin the process today and schedule a consultation.


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