Intense Pulsed Light Treatment - ipl treatment being done on woman's underarm area

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment: The Science And Benefits

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment - ipl treatment being done on woman's underarm area

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a cosmetic skin treatment with the potential to diminish signs of aging, eliminate unwanted hair, lighten discolored skin patches, and enhance the appearance of scars and spider veins. At GoodSkin, intense pulsed light often helps with uneven pigment issues and skin texture.

IPL operates on a principle akin to laser therapy, with a critical distinction in delivering light energy. IPL utilizes multiple wavelengths. This means it can effectively treat a larger skin area in a shorter duration than laser therapy and leave the top layer unharmed.

Achieving smooth and clear skin is the foundation for optimal results across our treatments. At GoodSkin, we recognize the potential within even the most challenging skin types and provide expert clinical guidance tailored to your unique concerns. Whether it's laser procedures, chemical peels, IPL, or a personalized at-home skincare regimen, we are committed to devising a plan to maintain your skin's healthy and youthful appearance.

Our approach to intense pulsed light treatments is dynamic, and we continually embrace the latest technologies to pursue excellence. With a dedication to maximizing client outcomes while minimizing downtime, we often recommend a combination of treatments to achieve the best possible results.

Intense Pulsed Light

IPL bears similarities to laser treatments, albeit with distinct characteristics. While a laser concentrates on delivering a single wavelength of light to your skin, IPL emits light encompassing a broad spectrum of wavelengths, akin to a photographic flash.

The light emitted by IPL is characterized by its scattering and lack of focused precision compared to lasers. IPL can penetrate the skin down to the second layer, the dermis, while sparing the top layer, or epidermis, resulting in minimal skin damage.

Within your skin, pigment cells absorb the energy from the IPL light, transforming it into heat. This heat eliminates unwanted pigment, effectively clearing freckles and other blemishes. Alternatively, it can destroy the hair follicles, preventing hair regrowth.

The Science

Intense pulsed light operates by utilizing a flashlamp to emit a spectrum of polychromatic light spanning roughly 400 to 1400 nm. This sets it apart from lasers, which emit monochromatic light (a single wavelength), have collimated beams (waves running in parallel), and exhibit coherence. The distinct advantage of broadband light lies in its versatility, allowing it to address a wide array of skin types and conditions. Additionally, the wavelength of light from an IPL device can be tailored using filters.

Both lasers and light devices exert a clinical impact when the skin absorbs their emitted light, releasing photons carrying thermal energy. Chromophores within the skin, such as hemoglobin, water, and melanin, absorb these photons. They subsequently undergo heating due to the thermal energy, resulting in their destruction through thermocoagulation. This phenomenon, called selective photothermolysis, is the fundamental principle underpinning IPL technology.

Selective photothermolysis is an approach employed to remove tissue from specific regions precisely. The primary objective of this technique is to raise the temperature of the intended tissue. This ultimately eliminates it while preserving the surrounding tissue from harm. IPL can target select areas without harming any surrounding skin or tissue.

The Benefits

Intense pulsed light benefits many skin issues, primarily when used to help with pigmentation problems. IPL can eliminate broken blood vessels in most individuals, with the potential to completely disappear unwanted redness.

In cases where rosacea induces facial flushing, IPL can be an alternative to laser therapy. IPL may also benefit individuals dealing with acne or the scarring it leaves behind. Observing noticeable improvements may require multiple sessions, with ongoing research in progress.

Overall, it offers a safe way to specifically help with pigment and texture issues and involves no downtime.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

We frequently integrate IPL with several of our additional laser procedures to target various issues. These may including red capillaries, brown spots, acne, uneven skin texture, stubborn pigment problems, and even resistant rosacea. Our Photo peel is an exclusive laser treatment that combines IPL with a gentle peel for individuals with challenging skin discolorations. IPL can address various skin concerns independently, resulting in a more balanced and radiant complexion without downtime.

Additional IPL Related Treatments

Frequently intense pulsed light works with other treatments or techniques to maximize beneficial results. As it is a simple and safe procedure, it can be paired with laser treatments and facial peels to enhance improvements and target multiple problems simultaneously. Below are some of the treatments at GoodSkin that utilize IPL and help with problems like pigmentation issues and rosacea.


PhotoPeel treatment is an innovative creation by GoodSkin, inspired by the owner's decade-long experience in clinical dermatology. Designed for those seeking a potent solution to address pigmentation concerns, this procedure combines IPL to stimulate melanocytes, enabling the peel to target and adhere to pigment effectively. It's particularly well-suited for individuals dealing with melasma or challenging pigmentation issues.

PhotoFrax Laser

Our PhotoFrax treatment offers a comprehensive non-surgical facelift solution. Utilizing erbium laser technology, it smooths skin, diminishes wrinkles, and erases scars. In conjunction with the IPL treatment, known as Photofacial, it can address various issues. These include skin pigmentation irregularities, minimize visible red blood vessels, and lighten areas affected by rosacea.

GoodSkin Techniques

At GoodSkin, we have many techniques for reducing redness and improving uneven skin tone and pigmentation issues. Intense pulsed light may fit your skin well, but our process ensures the proper treatment selection.

The GoodSkin Method embodies a holistic approach toward achieving what we define as The Untouched Look™—an outcome that reflects your healthiest and most genuine self. Every aspect of the GoodSkin Method, from the initial assessment to ongoing care, is meticulously thought out. Each step plays a vital role in maintaining a fresh and distinctive appearance.

Our journey begins with an in-depth examination of your genetic characteristics, including bone structure, skin quality, muscle composition, fat distribution, and fascia. This comprehensive evaluation equips our experts with the crucial insights. These allows them to create a personalized treatment plan that safeguards a natural and vibrant look.

After establishing the diagnosis and treatment plan, our dedicated team collaborates closely with each client, continuously monitoring their progress. The techniques employed within the GoodSkin framework take inspiration from the European approach known for its comprehensive perspective on cosmetic concerns, aiming to achieve an authentic and rejuvenated aesthetic.

Achieving Healthy, Even Complexion

Instead of following trends and providing identical treatments to all clients, we prioritize personalization. We tailor our treatments to each individual's unique needs. The GoodSkin Method commences with a comprehensive assessment and the development of a Healthy Aging Plan. This plan is instrumental in determining the most suitable strategy for achieving naturally beautiful results.

At GoodSkin, our ethos revolves around replicating the innate beauty found in nature, beginning by understanding it. We conduct an exhaustive analysis of your inherent genetic attributes to create an appropriate plan. This thorough exploration grants us invaluable insights into your aging process, forming a robust foundation for designing your personalized treatment plan.

If intense pulsed light emerges as a fitting component of your Healthy Aging Plan, we may incorporate one of the abovementioned techniques. Contact us today to discover more about the GoodSkin Method or embark on your journey toward embracing untouched, authentic beauty.


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