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Recommended for Skin Instants© with sagging contours.

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The platysma muscle, located in the neck region, is a superficial muscle originating in the deep layer of the skin, with fibers facing upwards and coming together to insert into the mandible and the corner of the mouth. While this muscle does not have essential mechanical functions, it can cause embarrassment in certain people as it is in this submental area that the first signs of aging will appear. In getting older, the number of fibers in this muscle, such as elastin and collagen, decreases. Thus, the role of the platysma muscle will be less important, affected by what we call the phenomenon of ptosis.

With its unique shape and stretchy tissue tailored to the area under the chin, Platysma combines the benefits of an anti-gravity and anti-ptosis mask in a single step. The support’s mechanical action combined with firming active ingredients is similar to a face massage and tighten the skin.Facial volumes are more harmonious and the face contours are revealed.

  1. Open the sachet and remove the two non-woven films around the patch.
  2. Use the tips of your fingers to apply and smooth the patch out so that it is properly fixed on the lips and their contour. Reposition it if necessary.
  3. Leave it for 20 minutes, remove the patch, and rub in any excess product by massaging the lips.

External use only. Do not swallow.

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