Website Launch

Website Launch

before and after 10 year photos by GoodSkinWelcome to our new website. We are GoodSkin™, where innovative techniques are applied with a timeless European approach to deliver a healthier-looking and well-rested you.

We have two clinics—one in Los Angeles and one in New York City. Both use a premier approach to science-based aesthetics to achieve what we call “The Untouched Look™,” which we strive for in all of our treatments. And today, we launch our blog!

So, let us introduce ourselves…

Our founder, Lisa Goodman, was galvanized by a lifelong ambition, an international sojourn and a commitment to natural elegance to create GoodSkin. Following a decade as an accomplished Physician’s Assistant working alongside some of the country’s most celebrated cosmetic surgeons, she entrenched herself in a French methodology to skin care—one that incorporates a patient’s social, medical and lifestyle history into their treatment plan.

Lisa then returned home and incorporated this vision into GoodSkin, opening the first clinic in 2015.

By 2019, GoodSkin had grown from its flagship Brentwood location to a new Los Angeles locale and our first New York City clinic. Now, Lisa pioneers American anti-aging methods by way of personalized regimens that include TackingTM, Jowl LiftsTM, body sculpting, microneedling, BlanchingTM, threads, botox + filler facials, and more.

Lisa’s sister, Lauren Goodman, also plays a big part of our practice, as the head nurse of our GoodSkin Clinic in Los Angeles. As a certified RN, she is exceptionally skilled at our thread treatments (a non-surgical face lift) as well as all other GoodSkin procedures. She is also our head of training and quality control, ensuring the absolute highest quality of patient care.

Additionally, our staff includes our wonderful patient advocates, who expertly guide our clients through every step of their journeys.

We do not produce the same results as other medi spas. We call it the GoodSkin Difference.

Our approach examines the five areas of aging—bone, muscle, skin, fat and fascia—and treats the root cause through multiple modalities, addressing all parts of the face, neck, chest, hands and body to deliver a consistent and natural appearance.

We hope this brief introduction has provided a bit of insight into what we do. We follow a holistic approach to healthy aging. At GoodSkin, we create a bespoke healthy aging plan for every client, because we do not believe in the “quick fix.” But rather, if you invest in your skin, the results will follow.


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