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Staff Expertise

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As we said in our last blog, there is no specific training course in the US for one to become an aesthetic practitioner. This can leave a client highly vulnerable to differences in training between professionals, or leave them feeling that expert care can only be achieved through the high costs of plastic surgery.

One of Lisa Goodman’s (our founder) visions for the GoodSkin™ Clinics was to democratize the accessibility of safe and effective aesthetic treatments. This begins with expert training, starting with herself. (You can read about her clinical background here.)

She also recruited her sister, Lauren Goodman, a Certified Registered Nurse who shares the same ideals—that beauty is individual, and treatments undetectable, resulting in our more natural, untouched look. Working alongside Lisa as head nurse in the Los Angeles GoodSkin Clinic, Lauren also heads up our training and quality control, ensuring our staff provides the absolute highest level of patient care.

Their number one priority is that their client gets the desired results with the GoodSkin signature Untouched Look™. Not only are our injectors experts in the field, but the moment our clients walk into a GoodSkin clinic and up to the front desk, they are greeted by highly knowledgeable staff members. And every client receives a dedicated Patient Advocate who is available to them throughout the process to answer any questions, offer guidance and support, and ensure the experience is effortless.

We will always remain wholeheartedly committed to offering the same level of expertise from all of our GoodSkin medical partners. Furthermore, they meet regularly to share and discuss cases, ensuring that all clients are given the absolute best in care and results. This approach also gives our clients more freedom with scheduling. Beyond one provider, you receive the support of a whole team.

Stay tuned for our next blog post: Healthy Aging


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