Lip Filler Treatment During Pregnancy

Is Lip Filler Treatment Safe To Get During Pregnancy?

Lip Filler Treatment During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience in a woman’s life and brings many changes in body, appearance, and lifestyle. Many pregnant women may wonder about changing their beauty routine during pregnancy. Which procedures are safe, and what treatments should be postponed for post-pregnancy? Those who already have lip fillers or have been considering getting them may question if it’s safe to receive lip filler treatment during pregnancy.

Regarding lip fillers during pregnancy, there are several considerations to keep in mind. As an expecting mother, your top priority is the health and well-being of your baby. Getting lip fillers during pregnancy isn’t simply black and white. Understanding all the details will help to mitigate any risk to you or your baby.

The Basics of Lip Filler Treatment

Whether you're experienced with getting lip filler or just considering them, it's essential to understand the treatment. Lip filler treatments enhance your lips by providing a fuller and plumper appearance. This procedure involves the injection of a substance into and around the lips to change their volume and sometimes shape. Commonly referred to as dermal fillers, lip fillers have gained popularity for enhancing lip aesthetics.

The GoodSkin Technique

At GoodSkin, we use filler techniques to preserve each client’s natural beauty to achieve an Untouched Look™. Lips can often be overdone when it comes to filler. However, we take a custom approach with our subtle lip restoration technique.

Our lip filler technique is designed to treat thinner, dry, or curled lips that have lost their natural collagen and hyaluronic acid during natural aging. We start by focusing on the nasal fold and upper lip area to provide more structure with filler. This restores a subtle, naturally improved, plump appearance without looking overdone.

The Risks of Lip Fillers During Pregnancy

While lip filler treatments are generally safe for non-pregnant individuals, there are potential risks associated with getting lip fillers during pregnancy. Avoiding unnecessary cosmetic procedures during this crucial time is best. And that includes lip fillers, as there are some risks they may pose during pregnancy.

Hormonal Changes

Pregnancy brings about significant hormonal changes, impacting how your body reacts to certain substances. It is important to remember that every pregnancy is unique. What may be safe for one person may not be for another. Discussing with an injection expert and your doctor is the best way to determine whether your body will react well to any filler substance during pregnancy.

Allergic Reactions

Although rare, it is possible to experience an allergic reaction to lip fillers. Allergic reactions can occur in response to the substances used in lip fillers, particularly if you have a known allergy to any of the components. During pregnancy, your immune system may undergo changes, which could make you more susceptible to allergic reactions.

Infection Risk

Any cosmetic procedure that involves injecting substances into the body carries a risk of infection. While the risk is generally low, the consequences of an infection during pregnancy could be more severe. It’s essential for anyone getting filler, whether pregnant or not, to go to a reputable, licensed clinic to reduce the risk of infection.

GoodSkin clinics staff skilled practitioners carrying over ten years of experience and expertise in offered treatments. Our staff focuses primarily on clients' safety, comfort, and health. This ensures positive, natural results without dangerous or adverse side effects.

Before treatment, each client receives a thorough diagnosis and Healthy Aging Plan crafted to their unique look. Should a procedure be inadvisable at present or a poor fit for achieving the best results, it will not be a part of the treatment plan. The healthy aging plan is also reassessed at each appointment so it can be changed as needed regarding current appearance and other life circumstances like pregnancy.

The Do’s of Lip Filler During Pregnancy

Considering the potential risks of lip fillers during pregnancy, it is advisable to explore alternative options and natural approaches to achieve the desired lip enhancement. Here are some things you can consider while pregnant if you are interested in lip fillers:

  • Embrace Natural Changes: Pregnancy can bring about natural changes in your body, including fuller lips due to increased blood flow. Embrace these changes, enjoy the temporary plumpness, and then reconsider lip fillers after your lips have returned to their usual look.
  • Hydration and Lip Care: Maintaining good lip care during pregnancy can help keep your lips healthy and hydrated. Drink plenty of water, use lip balms with natural ingredients, and exfoliate gently to enhance the appearance of your lips.
  • Consult with a Professional: If you have concerns about your lips during pregnancy, consult a qualified professional who can provide advice tailored to your situation. The experts at GoodSkin can help you find the best option for restoring or improving the appearance of your lips that will be safe for you during pregnancy.

The Don’ts of Lip Filler During Pregnancy

Avoiding lip fillers during pregnancy is important to ensure your and your baby's safety. Keep in mind these additional choices to avoid:

  • Self-Administration: You should not attempt to administer lip fillers yourself, especially during pregnancy. Self-administration can lead to serious complications, infections, or allergic reactions.
  • Unqualified Practitioners: Avoid visiting unqualified practitioners who may offer lip filler treatment during pregnancy. Always choose a reputable medical professional, like the experts at GoodSkin clinics, who understand the potential risks and prioritize your safety.
  • Rushed Procedures: Do not try and fit in any procedures last minute. It is best to postpone cosmetic procedures, including lip fillers, until you have given birth and finished breastfeeding. This will allow your body to return to its normal state and reduce potential risks to your baby.

Why Waiting is Best

The primary concern regarding lip fillers and other cosmetic injections during pregnancy is how it affects the mother. During pregnancy, the body undergoes various transformations, many of which are temporary. It is not uncommon for pregnant women to experience natural changes in lip size and fullness due to increased blood flow, making lip fillers potentially unnecessary during that time.

Additionally, the skin changes as well. With so many fluctuations occurring, it is generally recommended that pregnant individuals refrain from receiving injectables until after giving birth and when the body has returned to a more stable state.

While the risks associated with lip filler treatments during pregnancy are low, it is best to practice caution. Waiting until the body has regained stability post-pregnancy and breastfeeding is a prudent approach. By doing so, you can have a clearer understanding of the changes your body has undergone, ensuring that you do not introduce any unnecessary or unforeseen risks into the equation. Prioritizing your safety and well-being during this transformative period is of utmost importance.

What If You Have Lip Fillers Before Pregnancy?

If you already have received lip fillers that you still have before pregnancy, you may be concerned about the risk. No data suggests having lip fillers before pregnancy poses any threat to the mother or baby. However, if you’re concerned about any potential health risks or looking unnatural with the existing filler and the changes you’ll go through during pregnancy, the GoodSkin team can dissolve your lip filler for you. Dissolving lip filler early during pregnancy involves no risk. If you do not want to dissolve your lip filler prematurely, you can allow them to dissolve naturally on its own.

Feel Great, Look Great During Pregnancy

Whether you were hoping to get lip filler treatment for the first time or maintain your current filler during pregnancy, it’s best to wait until your body has returned to its normal, stable state post-pregnancy. This helps ensure you get the best, most natural-looking results. At GoodSkin, we value providing an Untouched look with each treatment, including lip filler, to avoid an overdone, overly plumped look. We work to enhance your natural lips and produce results that look like your authentic self.

If you’re still concerned about improving the appearance of your lips during pregnancy, our team of experts can provide you with a diagnosis and discuss alternative options or create a treatment plan for after your pregnancy when it’s better to undergo lip filler treatment. To schedule a diagnostic appointment and speak with a specialist, get in touch with our team today.


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