Healthy Aging Plan

Healthy Aging Plan

Healthy Aging Plan

We talked a bit about the science of how our faces physically age in our last blog post. And we mentioned the GoodSkin Healthy Aging Plan. We thought we’d go into a little more detail about the latter this week.

After a client is carefully diagnosed using our 3D modeling combined with family history, lifestyle effects, and more, we have the necessary insight into their particular aging process and what has physically occurred in their facial bones, muscles, fat, and within the skin itself. We then follow up with an in-depth consultation based on that information—along with their goals—as a foundation for a treatment plan.

That’s when we create an individual Healthy Aging Plan for the client, mapping out the most efficacious treatments for specific issues, building a recommended schedule, and determining what the priorities are. This Healthy Aging Plan becomes our North Star, guiding us throughout the process of achieving what we are known for: the Untouched Look. The healthiest, best version of YOU.

Again, the focus of this process is on changes that enhance natural beauty and slow down the signs of aging. This evolves with the client’s needs. Whether the client is younger and receiving preventative treatments, or they’re a client who is already showing physical changes to the face and body, or a client who wants to appear healthier and more fresh (those who are tired of looking “tired”), we review their Healthy Aging Plan at each and every visit and continually monitor their treatment results over months or years.

A simple way to break down the GoodSkin Next-Level Healthy Aging Plan?

Bespoke diagnosis. Treatment. Upkeep. Check-ins.

A healthy, true solution for all who choose to invest in their skin.


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