Healthy Aging

Jan 2023

What does it mean to start healthy aging? 


At the core of our work at GoodSkin is a deep understanding of how we age, and all of the factors that impact the process—from genetics to sun exposure, from ethnicity to gender. 


We are all aging. The minute we’re out of our mother’s womb, our body is exposed to the world. With that comes experience, wisdom, and—eventually—lines, less elasticity of the skin, and other visual effects. But we do not have to look “old.” Or “tired.” 


At GoodSkin, we work with nature. Not against it.


As we get older, the visible effects of aging on our faces are underpinned by changes in our facial skeleton, muscles, fat, and within the skin itself. Facial bones change throughout life: the eye socket gets unevenly larger, the mid-face recedes, the jaw bone partially reduces, and so on. This helpful GoodSkin  video shows how it happens:

But as stated in the video, when fillers and collagen stimulators are expertly chosen and placed by our clinicians, they both treat and prevent bone loss.


An important thing to note is that healthy aging treatments can be preventative. Clients can start coming in while still in their 20s and 30s to receive treatments that get ahead of the physical signs of aging. (We also non-surgically treat natural asymmetry, skin concerns, etc.)


But no matter when a client decides they want to look healthier and more refreshed, we are here to help. Upon their first visit to a GoodSkin Clinic, our clients receive a diagnosis rooted in technology and science. Then we create a Healthy Aging Plan. This is our roadmap to success, where we outline our vision for the client’s best results and the parameters for how we'll get there. All our clinicians train in the science of aging at the top medical institutions and stay current with the latest learnings and therapeutic advancements. 


To achieve our goal, this may include a combination of treatments done over a set time as well as careful monitoring of results as the bespoke Healthy Aging Plan is carried out and adapted if necessary. GoodSkin follows a holistic approach to healthy aging for every client. 


We do not believe in the quick fix because aging itself isn’t quick. Invest in your skin holistically, and the results will follow. (And we’ll talk more about our Healthy Aging Plan in our next post)

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