Non-Surgical Facial Contouring Methods

Discover the Leading Non-Surgical Facial Contouring Methods

Non-Surgical Facial Contouring Methods

Facial contouring procedures have become popular for preserving one’s natural appearance and maintaining a lifted and balanced look. Surgical facelifts or facial implants were the only way to achieve or maintain contoured facial features for a long time. However, cosmetic medicine has significantly advanced. Non-surgical facial contouring techniques are now available to help you preserve and improve your natural facial contours without invasive surgery.

With non-surgical facial contouring options like fillers, Botox, PDO threads, and laser treatments, you can achieve a contoured look to your face, promoting healthy aging and creating an overall refreshed look. At GoodSkin, we specialize in various techniques using a blend of European aesthetics and preventative science. These put the focus on preserving and improving each client’s facial anatomy to create and enhance natural contours.

We create personalized Healthy Aging Plans for each of our clients that include a unique combination of different techniques performed by our experts to reveal a renewed, contoured facial aesthetic that’s natural and elegant. We design custom facial contouring plans by focusing on your unique facial contours, goals, and natural beauty.

What is Non-Surgical Facial Contouring?

Non-surgical facial contouring refers to a range of cosmetic procedures and treatments that aim to enhance the face's natural features, improve facial symmetry, and create a more refreshed and balanced appearance without invasive surgery. These non-surgical methods have gained popularity recently due to their effectiveness, minimal downtime, and lower risk than surgical alternatives.

Unlike surgical procedures such as facelifts and implants, which involve incisions, anesthesia, and longer recovery periods, non-surgical facial contouring techniques are typically performed using minimally invasive approaches, such as injections, lasers, ultrasounds, or thread lifts. These methods target specific areas of the face to restore volume, lift sagging skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve overall facial proportions.

Non-surgical facial contouring can address numerous concerns, including volume loss, wrinkles, sagging skin, and asymmetry. Common areas targeted for improvement include the cheeks, jawline, chin, lips, nasolabial folds, and forehead. Different techniques help address specific concerns. At GoodSkin, we utilize a combination of techniques to lift, tighten, and contour to create our signature Untouched Look™ for each client.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Facial Contouring

Our facial contouring techniques provide numerous benefits for those looking to enhance and preserve their natural facial contours without invasive surgery. Some key benefits we provide to our clients with customized facial contouring treatment plans include the following:

Minimally invasive treatments

One of the primary advantages of non-surgical facial contouring is that it involves minimally invasive techniques. Procedures such as dermal fillers, Botox, and thread lifts use injections or non-invasive devices, reducing the need for incisions or sutures. This results in minimal discomfort, shorter procedure times, and faster recovery periods compared to surgical options.


Our top concern for our clients is their safety to ensure a high-end, satisfactory experience. Non-surgical facial contouring procedures are generally considered safe when performed by trained and experienced professionals. They have a lower risk of complications compared to surgical interventions, which involve more invasive procedures and anesthesia.

Natural-looking results

We focus on providing clients with the most natural results that blend with their natural facial anatomy and age beautifully. Non-surgical facial contouring treatments enhance and refine the face's natural features rather than drastically alter them. Our skilled facial contouring experts can achieve subtle and natural-looking results, avoiding the "overdone" appearance that can sometimes be associated with surgical procedures. This allows individuals to enhance their facial features while maintaining their unique identity and avoiding an artificial or unnatural appearance.


We know that no two clients are alike. Everyone deserves a Healthy Aging Plan that’s just as unique as they are. Our non-surgical facial contouring techniques allow us to provide the highest level of customization to our clients’ treatments. Our team considers factors such as facial structure, genetics, desired outcome, and preferences. These factors help with diagnosis and creating a Healthy Aging Plan that’s a more precise and targeted to facial contouring.

Gradual and natural results

Non-surgical facial contouring procedures often provide gradual and natural results. While immediate improvements may be visible, the full effects of treatments such as dermal fillers, thread lifts, and laser treatments develop over time as the body's natural processes are stimulated. This gradual transformation allows for a more subtle transition, ensuring that the changes blend seamlessly with the individual's existing features. This also allows for continuous improvement of skin quality, leading to better results in the long run.

GoodSkin Non-Surgical Facial Contouring Techniques

At GoodSkin, we employ precise and customized facial contouring techniques to preserve and improve each client’s natural facial structure. During your diagnostic appointment, one of our experts will assess your facial structure and goals to choose the right products and techniques to enhance your facial contours.

Jaw Botox

An essential area of the face for contouring is the jawline. Our Jaw Botox technique addresses two main areas to improve or preserve your natural jawline to enhance your facial contours. This technique can slim the entire lower face or address concerns in the upper jaw area where the jaw shape becomes overshadowed, caused by clenching.

Botox Jelly Roll

Undereye bags or hollowed-out under eyes can create contours in unwanted areas of the face. Our Botox Jelly Roll technique restores volume and plumpness to the undereye area to create a refreshed, contoured look. This technique reduces undereye bags, asymmetries, and crepe-like skin.

Botox Chin

This technique provides a more youthful and pronounced chin contour by eliminating chin dimpling. We usually recommend this as a preventative treatment to preserve chin contouring before the chin dimpling becomes too noticeable.

Forehead Rounding

As women age, the forehead begins to lose its shape. The bone structure in that area becomes more pronounced as fat in the forehead area decreases. This filler technique restores a rounded appearance to the forehead to provide a more refreshed contour.

Jaw Sculpt

Our Jaw Sculpt technique uses fillers as a preventative measure to preserve the jawline, which can lose its natural contour as we age due to bone loss and jowling. If jawline contouring is a concern, we suggest starting this treatment early. This helps to avoid signs of aging or decreased contouring in the jaw area.

Temple/Head Shape Filler

The temple and forehead area contours can decrease with age and create an unwanted silhouette or “gaunt” effect. This filler technique provides a non-surgical facelift effect to improve the face shape by restoring the temples and forehead area.

Chin Projection

The chin area is crucial for a balanced, naturally contoured look. With this technique, we assess the chin length, width, and projection to create a customized treatment to subtly improve chin projection that blends with your natural face shape.


When the face begins to lose natural contours due to volume loss or sagging, we use Sculptra to restore volume and provide a mild lift. Sculptra is an FDA-approved filler designed to stimulate collagen production to help improve facial contours and create a more refreshed-looking facial appearance. This technique boosts collagen production, which helps your face restore inner structure, naturally increasing facial volume and providing lasting results.


For those who have lost their natural contours due to sagging skin, Facetite is a good treatment option for a non-surgical facelift. This treatment safely contracts and contours facial tissues using RF technology. Minor liposuction can be added to address stubborn areas like jowls.


Stubborn under-chin fat can affect the natural contour of the jawline and cause it to look less prominent. Kybellasculpting is an injection technique that reduces unwanted pockets of fat under the chin to provide a more contoured look. The active ingredient is synthetic deoxycholic acid. This acid naturally occurs in the body and is used to break down and absorb dietary fat.

Morpheus8 Face

Morpheus8 is a revolutionary technique for contouring the face. It can treat multiple concerns using radiofrequency and microneedling technology to tighten and lift facial tissues. As experts in this treatment, we dedicate significant time to each client and treatment session to create a customized experience and result for the most natural-looking contour.


Ultherapy is a safe and non-surgical alternative to facelifts. This treatment uses micro-focused ultrasound to lift and tighten skin on and around the neck, chin, and eyebrows to improve the overall contouring of the face.


Tacking, our signature technique, “tacks” up the skin of the mid and lower face to create a more contoured appearance with a natural look to the cheekbone area. Our experts take time to choose the proper technique and product for each client to successfully restore bone and fat loss without creating an unnatural or puffy appearance. We treat women differently from men due to the different nature of aging in the midface and gender aesthetics. If you’re looking for gender-neutral options, we can discuss a treatment plan that suits your needs.

PDO Threads

PDO threads is one of our techniques that has gained attention for being a minimally invasive alternative to facelift procedures. Our PDO thread technique offers innovative patented technology in which the barbs are press-molded and configured in a 360-degree helical pattern to provide a high-end experience and natural, undetectable results. This treatment creates an instant yet natural contoured effect fully customized to each client’s unique facial anatomy.

Restore Your Natural Contours

With advancements in facial contouring techniques, you no longer need to undergo invasive surgery or risk unnatural results to restore your natural facial contours. When it comes to enhancing the contours of the face, every face and client is different. The experts at GoodSkin will assess your concern areas and facial anatomy to create a diagnosis and the best facial contouring treatment plan for you.

Our highly experienced and skilled team has over ten years of experience in our non-invasive facial contouring techniques to help you achieve a more natural and refreshed look. We take a scientific approach to skincare to ensure safety and the most natural, beautiful results. We’ll create a customized Healthy Aging Plan with techniques that align best with you based on your facial anatomy. To get started with a diagnosis, contact our team today.


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