Best cosmetic treatments to get in the Spring

Best cosmetic treatments to get in the Spring

Best cosmetic treatments

During the winter months, we help our clients prepare for spring and summer “behind the scenes.”

How do we do this? With body treatment options. This way clients can recover from heavier laser treatments with long downtimes—those to reduce cellulite in the thighs, tighten buttocks or the stomach, etc.—while going about their day in clothing with more coverage, saving the reveal for the warmer months. People often complain about a handful of body issues: cellulite, loose skin, stretch marks, or little pockets of fat or dimpling that they want to improve.

We use a combination of treatments depending on your diagnosis, but we often use Renuva or Sculptra to give a rounder, firmer appearance. When we use these as part of our Signature Smooth Body Treatment, we also combine a third level of treatment with Morpheus8 Body to address stretch marks and loose tissue.

The results are great, but the treatment does take place over a few months, so if you’re planning a summer vacation, think about these procedures now, rather than waiting until spring.

Sclerotherapy is also done at GoodSkin Clinics to reduce the appearance of Spider Veins. Spider veins are tiny blood vessels that create patterns on the skin that can look like spider webs. They can appear on the nose, cheeks, lips, and hands in addition to the legs and ankles.

Our Botox Neck Lift is another treatment that can be done at any time because it has ZERO downtime.

And on the topic of Botox for the body, you may have heard that it can be used for Excess Sweating, otherwise known as “hyperhidrosis.” Excess sweating can be embarrassing, but can also interfere with sleep. Botox blocks the chemical signals that temporarily stimulate sweat glands.

The final body treatment we’ll mention is our Avi Clear Laser. It is especially popular for acne-clogged skin on the back. This pain-free dull-skin treatment has a very short downtime, but we still suggest clients do the treatment well before summer begins.

For most people, we can correct body issues faster and with less downtime than more invasive treatments by combining some of these modalities and applying our expert techniques. Of course, if you’d like to talk to us, feel free to reach out to the Client Advocates at our clinics at any time.


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