Botox Neck Lift

It’s the bane of aging women and increasingly men everywhere – you may stay in shape and have a youthful face, only to have your age betrayed by your neck. Concerned about a sagging chin, you want to tighten your neck skin.

Rather than getting an invasive neck lift procedure, you can get great results with a neck Botox treatment.

Our Botox neck lift safely and effectively treats sagging neck, jowls, and downturned corners of mouth.

Other positive results include decreased skin wrinkling and removal of the “necklace line.” You’ll have a more chiseled, defined jawline, and an overall slimmer appearance.

How “Text Neck” Can Lead to Loose Neck Skin

What you may not realize is that jowls and a wrinkled neck can also be a sign of poor posture and “text neck” – that head forward position we are all prone to now with smartphones. Over time, text neck can lead to compression of the cervical spine.

The platysma is a muscle that stretches across the front of the neck on both sides. When it is overactive (e.g., due to “text neck”), it can acerbate the dropping of the entire face and create early signs of jowls.

With our Botox neck lift treatment, we can prevent face sagging and jowling, while improving and correcting poor posture.

Best of all, this process has zero downtime.

Because we are experts in diagnosing this problem, we can advise you as to whether you would benefit from our Botox neck lift treatment. Treatments on other areas of the face may not work as well if the root issue is not addressed.

Both women and men will benefit from the reduction of face sagging and will also feel tighter neck skin.

Depending on your needs, we may also recommend combining this treatment with PDO Threads, Silhouette Cone Threads, Ulthera, Calcium Jowl Lift, and Infini Laser.

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