What Aging Looks Like in Men

What Aging Looks Like in Men

What Aging Looks Like in Men

As men grow older, the visual signs of aging on their faces are influenced by changes in the facial skeleton, muscles, fat, and within the skin itself. Men’s facial bones change throughout life differently than women’s do. The eye socket gets unevenly larger, and the lower orbit recedes, making the fat more prominent.

Men are therefore more prone to under-eye bags than women. Their jawbone also reduces, leading to the loss of a strong jawline. Because of this, men often complain of a loose neck appearance. When fillers and collagen stimulators are individually selected and expertly placed, they treat and prevent the fat and bone loss experienced by men.

We use fillers to restore lost facial structure rather than simply plumping or filling. Down-pulling muscles will pull surface tissues down, accelerating the visible effects of aging. Rather than using Botox to treat wrinkles, we use Botox to retrain dysfunctional down muscles, preventing sagging of the eyelids and neck, while allowing movement—so that men always appear un-Botoxed, lifted and not tired.

For men, some sites see fat shift downward or decrease. Threads and Kybella restore and reposition falling fat and sagging skin to its previous higher level. Bone loss and decreased elasticity in men’s skin and ligaments make fat deposits more noticeable in some areas, such as under the eyes, on the cheeks, and at the jowls. Even though men have thicker skin, it still thins and loses elasticity progressively with age, which is influenced by environmental factors such as sun exposure, smoking and genetics. Clinical-level skin treatments for men, such as lasers, PRP and Botox facials can tighten loose skin, shrink pores and smooth the skin’s texture by building new collagen and elastin.

GoodSkin clinicians are trained in the science of aging at top medical facilities in the Netherlands. Even more important is that our clinicians are trained on how gender impacts aging. Our trademarked techniques differ for men than for women, and deliver on our promise to not change a person’s appearance, but rather look like the best version of themselves.

After a thorough diagnosis, GoodSkin Clinics take a science-based approach to create a tailored plan for each individual. This unique approach, based on the individual’s concerns and what the diagnosis shows, results in what has become fondly known to clients as the “Untouched Look.”

If you’d like to see a visual representation of the above, watch our video HERE.

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