Jawline Contouring: Botox, Fillers, or Implants

Best Jawline Contouring Option: Botox, Fillers, or Implants?

Jawline Contouring - Botox, Fillers, or Implants

A tight and defined jawline can symbolize healthy aging while bringing balance to the face. Jawline prominence is determined by natural bone structure, genetics, facial fat distribution, and aging. Due to aging, jawline contouring may be an excellent option for those with a naturally weaker or less defined jawline. This contouring can bring back definition and balance to the face.

Jawline contouring is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Natural face structure, aging, and desired look impact which treatment fits best. Treatment options include Botox, fillers, and implants. Every client is unique, and jawline contouring must be individualized. The jawline dramatically impacts the overall look and shape of the face. If you are concerned about how your jawline has changed with age, these treatments might provide contour and structure.

GoodSkin Techniques

At GoodSkin, we specialize in different jawline contouring techniques to provide the best, most natural look. Our approach to contouring aims to enhance the natural jawline while correcting facial bone structure. These techniques provide an Untouched Look™ and enhance the healthy aging process. Our primary focus is on creating natural results. Thus, choosing the correct jawline contouring treatment option is essential. Our experts create a customized jawline treatment plan aligned to your specific facial anatomy with our techniques to provide natural, healthy, timeless results.

Led by certified practitioners who possess expert-level proficiency, our clinic has amassed over a decade of experience specializing in the Untouched Look™, utilizing the GoodSkin Method, and developing personalized Healthy Aging Plans. Our unwavering commitment to remaining at the forefront of scientific advancements empowers us to provide state-of-the-art treatments and techniques meticulously tailored to your needs. GoodSkin allows clients to confidently embrace a naturally beautiful and youthful appearance, reflecting the harmonious balance of artistry and science that defines GoodSkin Clinic.

This personalized approach means clients won't receive treatment until after undergoing a diagnosis and developing a Healthy Aging Plan. Should jawline contouring fit into your plan, several treatment options may provide ideal results.

Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Jawline Contouring

Jawline contouring involves any cosmetic procedure, whether surgical or non-surgical, that changes or enhances the shape and definition of the jawline. Surgical jawline contouring consists of placing an implant along the jaw. Non-surgical jawline contouring involves using either Botox or filler injections to the jawline.

Whether a surgical or non-surgical option is best depends on the individual's diagnosis, preference, desired look, and which option will best provide that result. The experts at GoodSkin provide a diagnosis and treatment plan. This helps determine if one of our non-surgical jawline contouring techniques is right for you.

Jaw Implants

Jaw implants, or mandibular implants, provide a surgical option for those seeking a permanent and significant transformation in their jawline. Implants are placed along the jawline to enhance or change the shape of the jawline and add more definition. A surgical jaw implant can be a good treatment option for those with congenital jaw deficiencies, asymmetry, or cosmetic disfiguration of the jaw caused by injury. A jaw implant may also suit those who can’t achieve their desired jawline through non-surgical options.

However, jaw implant surgery is invasive and carries the typical risks associated with surgery. It requires anesthesia, incisions, and a recovery period. If you’re considering a jaw implant, carefully weigh the benefits against the potential risks and consult a licensed plastic surgeon.

Jawline Contouring Botox and Jaw Filler Techniques

At GoodSkin, we specialize in non-surgical jawline contouring techniques. We use Botox and fillers to preserve and correct the bone structure for a defined and ageless touch.

As we age, we lose bone in the jaw. This can lead to more apparent signs of aging as the jaw bone narrows, leaving less definition and causing sagging skin and jowling in the lower face. Our Botox and jaw filler contouring techniques correct these issues and provide a defined, refreshed, healthy look to the jawline and overall face.

Our injection specialists take a tailored approach to jawline contouring. Custom treatment ensures the preservation of each client’s natural jawline and bone structure while enhancing to create a natural, Untouched Look™. We start with a diagnosis to choose the best technique and product to create your desired result.

We’ve created multiple jawline contouring techniques to address specific concerns. Each client receives a customized treatment plan for reducing further signs of aging by correcting and improving the jawline.

Jaw Sculpt

Our Jaw Sculpt technique uses jaw fillers to help correct bone loss and refresh the jawline. We take a different approach for men and women with this technique due to the development of notching in the posterior jawline. For women, we focus on improving the natural jawline, slowing down bone loss, and lifting sagging skin around the jawline to promote healthy, elegant aging. In men, we focus on achieving a natural yet well-defined jaw-to-neck ratio.


When jaw bone loss due to aging occurs, it can create the appearance of jowls in the lower face. Our CalicumJowlLift is one of our signature techniques that helps to correct this and preserve the client’s natural jawline while creating a refreshed look to the face. This technique uses a bone-like filler to recreate lost bone structure in the jaw and provide lift to any loose skin in the lower face. We use Radiesse, or calcium, to replace the bone and fat loss in the lower face, which also provides a lift to jowls to create a firmer appearance. The same technique can be applied to men, except we focus on creating a more masculine jawline while supporting the surrounding neck skin.

Our filler techniques for jawline contouring don’t aim to just fill the face. We focus on adding structure and lift while encouraging collagen stimulation to help slow aging and further preserve the jawline.


The need to correct the jawline can come from other causes other than aging. The appearance of the jawline can also be altered by stress, jaw clenching, and teeth grinding. Experiencing tension from these things for a prolonged period of time can widen the jawline. This concerns women who don’t want to appear too masculine from a wider jaw.

Our jaw Botox technique is designed to relax the correct muscles and retrain stress habits that negatively impact the jaw. With JawTox, we target two primary areas. In the first area, we focus on slimming the entire lower face. In the second area, we focus on the upper jaw to correct the jaw shape from being overshadowed.

Choosing the Best Jawline Contouring Technique

Choosing the best jawline contouring technique will depend on several factors, including your facial anatomy, current jawline structure and concerns, and genetics. At GoodSkin, we prioritize providing individualized treatment plans to enhance each client’s natural jawline, emphasizing using the right techniques. Our experts focus on restoring the jawline to create natural, healthy, impeccable results.

From diagnosis to revealing the final results, our experts dedicate ample time to selecting the right products and providing the right techniques to create a defined, untouched, refreshed look. And when it comes to preserving the jawline and getting the best results, early intervention is best. If you’re concerned about your jawline area and want to make improvements, we’re ready to diagnose and create a custom treatment plan for contouring your jawline. Get in touch with our team to schedule a diagnosis today.


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