Renuva: The GoodSkin Specialty

Renuva: The GoodSkin Specialty

Renuva: The GoodSkin Specialty

One of the most popular and successful injectable treatments we use at GoodSkin Clinics to achieve The Untouched Look for our clients is Renuva. Our founder ; Lisa Goodman , is a national trainer for Renuva and her LA and NYC clinics both have clinicians that are expertly trained and have been working with Renuva for more than 4 years. . They are considered one of the premier clinics in the country for this treatment as they have successfully performed many cases with Renuva.

What’s amazing about Renuva is that it causes the body to make its own fat. It can last potentially 10+ years, the same as the life of a fat cell. This also means that water retention isn’t an issue, as it is with some other injections. We’ve seen that with celebrities who suddenly look drastically different from all the water retention from other injections as well as first-hand in clients who come in for “corrections” on treatments from other med spas.

So, how does Renuva avoid that same water retention? Half of Renuva is liquid, so about 50% of what we inject will soon be safely and naturally released from the body. After that, the body starts making new fat in the treated area around 6 wks to 2 months and the client gradually returns to the volume they had when they were much younger—almost undetectably. Because this causes your body to make its own fat , it is not prone to water retention as hyaluronic acid fillers are.

How else is Renuva in our clinic?

Renuva can be diluted for use in different areas of the body. For example, the neck, which is prone to aging drastically and becoming loose crepey skin. We might dilute the Renuva to what we call a “wash.” This will help hide a client’s neck bands, and improve crepey skin, without giving them a “fatty” neck. Used this way, Renuva actually becomes more of a skin treatment. We also treat the hands with Renuva to increase volume and look more youthful.

After a client receives a Renuva treatment at our clinic, we send the home with instructions to massage the area. We’ve found that any bumpiness does smooth out on its own over time—even if clients don’t massage—but the massage will help the process. And in a worst-case scenario (which we haven’t had here), there are solutions if bumpiness were to develop.

We actually have clients with autoimmune issues who tend to hold water and can have latent swelling episodes from fillers, but we’ve not seen that with Renuva. Renuva is a bioidentical formulation and a great option for those with autoimmune conditions . If you’re looking for a natural look & feel—and product—our clients report that Renuva leaves the skin more dewy, subtly plumped and leaves them with the smoothness of one’s younger years. Because Renuva is full of growth factors it also will speed up the healing time of all treatments . We will often combine Renuva with other modalities to maximize our patients results.

For more information about Renuva, you can watch this video featuring Lisa Goodman as she takes us through a client’s Renuva treatment. Stay tuned for the client’s follow-up report at the end!

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