It’s Liptember! Let’s talk about lip treatments.

We do several lip procedures at GoodSkin Clinics. They all solve different issues. For the sake of time, today we’ll look at the top 4…

The one most people are interested in learning about is our Subtle Lip Restoration for Men & Women. We’ve used the word “subtle” in the name because we do not believe in “over filling” the lips. We’ve all seen someone with too much lip filler, but we often hear from clients that they are torn, because their lips do look more dry, aged, and thinner than in their younger years. Our technique is to restore the clients lips back to what they once were by providing more structure.

As we age, we lose hyaluronic acid and collagen that used to provide plumpness and moisture. We are experts at choosing the correct filler, knowing that some fillers will have a tendency to draw more water than other fillers, and therefore look “puffy.” Our technique lasts for seven to nine months.

With our Subtle Lip Restoration, we often start with our Nasal Fold / Upper Lip Lift to provide the necessary structure. This often means less lip filler is required as well.

As we age, what is known as the pyriform complex (a bony prominence of our face) shrinks, and we lose accompanying fatty support. This leads to a deep nasal fold and often a longer upper lip. Our non-surgical upper lip lift works with the judicious use of filler, resulting in hardly any downtime. Our technique lifts the corner of the nasal labial folds near the nose, mimicking the replacement of bone that is lost in this area with age, all without affecting or constricting the smile.

As we age and the structure of our face changes, we can also develop downturned corners of the mouth. This frown can even become permanently etched on the face, providing an unwanted harsh look. In this case, consider the Corner Lip Lift.

Of course we don’t want to create a “permanent smile,” either. At GoodSkin, we are experts at creating a natural, “Untouched Look.” We use appropriate lip fillers such as Radiesse to help gently bring the corners of the lips back into a neutral position. The exact type and amount of filler will depend on your age, skin type, and sex.

And finally (for today’s post) is our Botox for Lip Line Prevention. This treatment works to minimize excessive “pursing” of the mouth that creates wrinkles. Our signature technique and dilution of Botox allow us to treat this area without overly affecting lip movement. You will appear natural and retain the smile that is all yours.

Keep in mind that the best treatment for lip lines is preventative, so it’s wise to be proactive with our Botox injections, as well as being aware of how you use your mouth on a regular basis. Any type of smoking can encourage the creation of lip lines, and if that’s not motivation enough, smoke further dries out the skin.

Take care of your skin, and we’ll see you again soon.


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