How to Elevate Your Face

How to Elevate Your Face

How to Elevate Your Face

Back in the day, when someone wanted to give a lift to sagging skin on a naturally aging face, they had to get a surgical face lift. Highly invasive, with potential complications, and somewhat unknown aesthetic results.

Thankfully, newer, safer procedures have been developed. Today we breakdown some of the treatments we utilize At GoodSkin Clinics.

Tacking Lift

As we age, we lose bone mass, causing the face to fall and drag. Our Tacking Lift—one of our signature treatments—provides all the benefits of a face lift without having to go under the knife. This non-surgical procedure involves using a special tool called a cannula to inject structural type filler in specific areas to provide a lifted look versus a filled look. (The cannula won’t harm muscle or blood vessels, and doesn’t cause bruising.)

Using the “tacking” technique along with the filler:

  • Creates noticeable lift in the mid and even lower face, because we are strategically placing a thicker filler under structures that provide lift to lower structures.
  • Appears soft, smooth and slight due to the deep placement.
  • Won’t appear “cheeky” or puffy when animating because the product stays on the bone.

The best news is, filler on bone will delay aging by increasing collagen formation and retaining bone density. The results of our Tacking Lift last for about a year, and can last longer upon repeat treatment.

Thread Lifts

If your face is sagging with age, yet you don’t need filler, you might be a great candidate for a PDO Thread face lift. This non-surgical procedure is quick and requires little downtime.

PDO stands for polydioxanone, a surgical suture designed to be absorbed by the body. It is frequently used in open-heart surgery and is very safe.

Thread face lifts have existed in Europe and around the globe for a while. We were one of the first offices to adopt the use of threads in America as soon as they were FDA approved, and we have successfully done the procedure on hundreds of clients.

Threads work to lift the deeper layers of tissue back into a more youthful position without adding volume to the face. After the threads are strategically placed, collagen development is stimulated. After the PDO dissolves in approximately 4–6 months, the new, strong collagen is left to provide structure to the face with results lasting up to a year.

What makes the GoodSkin PDO thread face lift special is that it typically requires only one or two pokes hidden in the hairline. We also have methods to eliminate the fears clients sometimes have about pain or wrinkling.

Calcium Lifts

Both men and women lose bone in the jaw with age. As the jaw bone shrinks and becomes more narrow, it leads to sagging skin and jowling in the lower face.

Our CalciumJowlLift™ can help correct this. The CalciumJowlLift™ is a technique utilizing bone-type filler to recreate lost structure and provide lift to loose skin, giving one a more youthful, firm appearance.

Calcium (Radiesse) used as a structural filler can not only address these changes, but it can cause a cascade of collagen stimulation that can slow down the aging process and even improve the skin. It can work, in effect, as a lower face lift. To correct and slow down the effects of bone loss, we place the structural filler to mimic bone (without enlarging or widening the face). This creates positive tension that lifts the lower face and “jowling” area, restoring or maintaining that which is lost or changing.

The results from calcium filler treatments last for about a year, and can last longer upon retreatment.

We should also mention now that early prevention and regular treatment is key to maintaining a youthful appearance. We hope you learned something helpful today


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