How to Begin Your Healthy Aging Journey

How to Begin Your Healthy Aging Journey

Healthy Aging Journey

Are you ready to start your Healthy Aging Journey?

Not the quick-fix, ad-hoc treatments of many medi-spas, but instead, after a thorough diagnosis rooted in technology and science by our GoodSkinpractitioners, including advanced 3D modeling. Then we do an in-depth consultation based on that information—along with a client’s goals—to create the foundation for a treatment plan.

At the core of our work at GoodSkin is a deep understanding of how we age, and everything that impacts the process: genetics, sun exposure, ethnicity, gender, and more. As we’ve said before, we work with nature. Not against it.

After diagnosis and consultation, we create a bespoke Healthy Aging Plan for every client, which is monitored, updated, and modified if necessary at each appointment. This plan is built on the most successful treatments for specific issues, with a recommended schedule, and the client’s priorities determined. We refer to our Healthy Aging Plan as our North Star, because it guides us in the process of achieving the Untouched Look. The Untouched Look is what we are known for: still YOU, but your best, healthiest version.

And even though it is called a Healthy Aging Plan, one doesn’t have to wait to see signs of aging before creating one. We see the best results when treatments are used preventatively. Clients who start the journey in their 20s and 30s can stay ahead of the physical tolls of aging.

That said, whenever a client decides they want to look healthier and more refreshed, we are here to help. Our clinicians train in the science of aging at the top medical institutions and stay current with the latest learnings and therapeutic advancements. Your Healthy Aging Plan is our roadmap to success, where we outline our vision for a client’s best results and the parameters for how we'll get there.

Since GoodSkin follows a holistic approach to healthy aging, this may involve a combination of treatments done over a stretch of time. In any case, we work as a team with each client, educating them on the procedures we recommend, and explaining the reasons for anything we advise against. We love talking through everything with our clients, and encourage anyone who wants to invest in their skin to talk to our Patient Advocates to see if our Healthy Aging approach is right for you.


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