Healthy Aging Month

Healthy Aging Month

Healthy Aging Month

It’s Healthy Aging Month! Which means that maybe it’s time to consider creating a Healthy Aging Plan with GoodSkin Clinics.

When a new client comes into one of our clinics, we begin by doing a thorough diagnosis rooted in technology and science. We then create an individualized Healthy Aging Plan for them. This plan is built on treatments we know will provide the most success in addressing that particular person’s issues, as well as a recommended schedule, with the client’s priorities established. It is then monitored, updated, and modified if necessary at each appointment, evolving over time, and as one ages.

This plan is our roadmap to success in achieving the client’s goals. It is where we outline our vision for their best results and the parameters for how we'll get there.

The Healthy Aging Plan is different for each client’s needs. Some clients start when they are younger, receiving preventative treatments. Others are already showing physical signs of aging on the face or body when they come to our clinics, and would like to address these issues. Still others want to look more “refreshed”—like a healthier version of themselves. No matter where a client’s Healthy Aging Plan starts out, we continually monitor their treatments and results over the time we’re seeing them—and beyond.

In short, the ever-evolving GoodSkin Healthy Aging Plan consists of detailed diagnosis, treatment, upkeep, and ongoing check-ins. Our goal is what we’re best known for: the Untouched Look. And we are passionate about it—even when it’s not Healthy Aging Month.

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