GoodSkin Signature Treatments

GoodSkin Signature Treatments

GoodSkin Signature Treatments

Welcome back. If you missed last week’s post, we talked about what kinds of services we provide at our GoodSkin™ Clinics. This week we’d like to share some of our Signature Treatments with you.

We have many to choose from, so we won’t cover ALL of them here. You also may learn about them, and pick one or two you think you need—and our diagnosticians might recommend a different one. As we’ve said, we make our suggestions based on in-depth, high-level diagnosis.

These Signature Treatments are ones we specialize in and are often known for. Below are some favorites.

TackingLift™ for Women / for Men

Our tacking lift for women provides all the benefits of a facelift without surgery. We use a special tool called a cannula to inject structural-type filler in specific areas of the face to provide a lifted look versus a filled look.

Women clinically lose more bone mass than men overtime and start to lose it at an earlier age. This causes the face to fall and drag, so early prevention and regular treatment is key to maintaining a youthful appearance. Women also must be treated differently from men, in order to keep more feminine angles, if desired, and original face shape.

We know through the science of aging that men are also affected by facial bone loss, but it typically occurs later in life. Men often remark on the loss of a well-defined jawline, or sagging nasolabial or corner of mouth folds. Our tacking lift for men can reverse these changes without surgery.

CalciumJowlLift™ for Men / for Women

We know that women tend to experience jaw bone loss starting around age 27, while men start to see changes to their jaw structure in their 30s. than men. For women, the jaw bone shrinks and becomes more narrow. Men often see very obvious changes by their 60s.

The CalciumJowlLift™ utilizes bone-type filler to recreate lost structure and provide lift to loose skin. We do this by using calcium (Radiesse) to replace bone and fat loss in the lower face which provides lift to“jowls.”. We can create a more masculine jaw for men, which will also hold up surrounding neck skin. Women can have a more youthful, firm appearance.

Blanching™ for Women / for Men (fine line removal and/or smile lines)

A skin and filler treatment in one, our blanching fine line removal technique allows us to smooth fine lines in the face. Because our bodies rapidly decrease our skin production of hyaluronic acid starting in our 20s—combined with UV sun damage and repeated animation—we see small lines start to etch into our skin.

Our blanching technique utilizes soft bio-identical hyaluronic acid injection to treat the fine lines around the mouth, eyes and neck. It also helps stimulate collagen so the area becomes smoother on its own with time, leading to fewer treatments.

If you are looking for a filler treatment for laugh lines, we may recommend blanching for that as well. Not all filler brands will work to achieve the same unnoticeable results, which is why our expertise is required to make this process work flawlessly.

Our Signature Treatments also include our Corner Lift Lip, Forehead Smoothing, Undereye Filler with EGF ++ Growth Factora, Subtle Lip Restoration, Filler Brow Lift, and the NuvaSculpt for rejuvenating crepey skin—among others. We encourage you to take advantage of our website to learn about all of our Signature Treatments. Of course, let us know if you have questions.

    With a range of specialities and focuses, our team is ready to help.

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