Botox vs Fillers for Jawline

Botox vs Fillers for Jawline

Botox vs Fillers for Jawline

When thinking about the physical signs of aging on the face, wrinkles tend to come to mind for most people. But those of us who’ve been on the aging journey are aware of another give-away: the jawline.

At GoodSkin™ Clinics, we address the jawline in a few different ways. One way is by using fillers, and another is with Botox treatments.

Both men and women lose bone in the jaw with age. As the jaw bone shrinks and becomes more narrow, it leads to sagging skin and jowling in the lower face. When this is the case, we frequently recommend

the CalciumJowlLift™—one of our Signature Treatments—to help correct this.

The Calcium jowl lift utilizes bone-type filler to recreate lost structure and provide lift to loose skin. We do this by using calcium (Radiesse, in this case) to replace bone and fat loss in the lower face, providing lift to the jowls. Women can have a more youthful, firm appearance. And for men, we can create a more “masculine” jaw, which will also hold up surrounding neck skin.

Calcium (Radiesse) used as a structural filler can not only address these changes, but it can cause a cascade of collagen stimulation that can slow down the aging process and even improve the skin. It can work, in effect, as a lower face lift.

The results from calcium filler treatments last for about a year, and can last longer upon retreatment.

Another way our jawlines can change in appearance is through stress. After years of jaw clenching and teeth grinding, we can develop a wider jawline from all the tension. Women sometimes feel they’re starting to look too “masculine.” Dimples can turn into deep lines. Overuse of the jaw can also lead to aging in the neck.

Our Botox jaw reduction treatment is all about relaxing the right muscles and retraining bad stress habits to support a relaxed jaw and a healthy smile. It can also counteract the issue of disappearing cheekbones.

Early intervention is especially helpful, but wherever you are on your journey, If you’re concerned about how your jaw is changing, we are happy to provide our science- and technology-based diagnosis of your issues, and share our recommendations with you.


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