Botox v. Fillers for Eyes

Botox v. Fillers for Eyes

Botox v. Fillers for Eyes

A few weeks ago, we compared Botox to fillers. Today, we’ll talk specifically about their different uses around the eyes.

Contrary to what some may think, when we start to get older, no amount of sleep will fix or cure eyes that look hollow and tired. The good news is, GoodSkin™ Clinics can get you back to looking like your younger, most refreshed self with our carefully chosen procedures, based on top science and using our signature techniques.

What happens to our eyes as we age? Technically, we start losing bone as we get older, and fat pads shift and decrease. But what we see are crow’s feet, sagging brows, sunken eyes, or under-eye hollowing and darkening.

Let’s start with crow’s feet, and how we treat them at GoodSkin Clinics. Botox is commonly used for the lines that appear around the eyes, but many Botox treatments for crows feet end up going too far. This can change your smile. We prefer to leave just the right amount of lines, evaluating the individual’s anatomy and performing Selective Crow’s Feet Botox to give our clients our signature “Untouched Look.”

Botox can also be administered around the eye to reduce the crepe-like skin that appears with age.

The eyes in particular are a pivotal area of the face to treat lightly in order to look softer rather than “fake.” So if we determine that Botox will alter your smile, then together we’ll explore other treatment modalities.

Even the healthiest of people will experience under-eye hollowing and darkening as fat pads shift and change with age. Under-eye filler with EGF ++ Growth Factors makes for an excellent and safe tired-eyes treatment that also improves darkening of the skin. Our GoodSkin technique also involves a micro-cannula to avoid bruising (common in eye procedures) and injecting the filler so it’s undetectable when the client smiles. We also ensure that the eyes won’t appear smaller or puffy.

We use fillers for Upper Eye Socket Filling as well, improving sunken eyes from age-related fat loss. By adding the correct amount of filler, our sunken eyes treatment can help your eyes stand out again in a positive way. We are experts in choosing the right type and amount of filler, so your results look natural and effortless.

And if you want a brow lift but want to avoid surgery, our Botox Brow Lift is a terrific option.

As we age, the muscles we use when we frown and squint become stronger. These muscles can pull the eyelids down over time. Our eyes can start to appear smaller. Botox provides a safe, non-surgical brow lift to correct for this.

The GoodSkin Botox Brow Lift technique is special. You don’t want to have “peaked” eyebrows after a brow lift. We ensure a natural look, with each individual client given exactly the right amount of Botox to retrain and lift the entire chain of downward-pulling muscles. Through this retraining, the brow will be prevented from sliding downward.

Browse our treatments to learn about other eye-related treatments we do here at GoodSkin™ Clinics, such as Botox for Uneven Eyes. We are passionate about giving our clients as much information they need, so feel free to set up a consultation at our LA or NYC clinic any time.

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