Botox Aftercare Tips

Botox Aftercare Tips To Maximize Safety

Botox Aftercare Tips

Through the GoodSkin Method, we provide a careful diagnosis and Healthy Aging Plan to ensure natural, beautiful results. If Botox is a part of that plan for you, these Botox aftercare tips will help you prepare and plan for optimal recovery.

Goodskin's Botox technique combines European aesthetic principles with advanced preventive science. Rather than simply eradicating wrinkles, our primary focus is improving facial lift and symmetry using neurotoxins. Recognizing the inherent muscular dynamics of every face, we strategically relax and retrain overactive muscles responsible for pulling the face downward, positively influencing facial anatomy and achieving a longer-lasting lift.

We provide a natural, genuine, vibrant facial appearance by thoughtfully preserving subtle wrinkles in select areas. Our approach aims to deliver results that are both aesthetically pleasing and in harmony with the unique characteristics of each individual's face.

One of the best ways to ensure natural-looking results is by following all aftercare recommendations. These tips will help the treatment work properly and ensure your health and safety.

Day of Treatment

On the day of your treatment, avoid laying down completely flat on your face for the first four hours; mild elevation is fine. Reduce excessive alcohol consumption or medically necessary blood-thinning medication before and after the treatment to prevent bruising.

Wait at least four hours before engaging in light to moderate exercise after injections. Wait 24 hours before engaging in strenuous or heated exercise. It is normal for injection bumps to remain for 5-45 mins. Light bruising, bumps at the injection site, or a slight headache is possible. These side effects clear up quickly and should not be cause for concern.

When touching your face, be gentle and cautious. When you need to wash your face, do so lightly and in an upward direction. Do not massage or get a facial on the day of treatment. Do not rub the treatment areas post-injection. Wearing light makeup for the first few hours is fine, but do not rub the makeup on; makeup and hands must also be clean to prevent infection. It is best to avoid headwear tightly fitted across the forehead or other restrictive clothing in treatment areas.

Neurotoxins Reminders

It is essential to wait 2-3 weeks before re-injecting, as the product may still be settling in. You should wait two weeks for the upper face and three weeks for the lower face.

With Botox, there isn’t a true 'downtime,' so following Botox aftercare tips is essential. You will see wrinkles soften within a few days, and it will take 2-3 weeks to see full results in the lift. Occasionally, one side may take effect quicker than the other side. This is because the number of units is tailored per side for any muscle asymmetries and also due to the nature of the product. If you experience this, do not worry – it is normal, and in many cases, it tends to even out on its own. This will be accessed and corrected in your follow-up appointment via touch-ups if needed.

Neuromodulators are on-label to last approximately three months. However, this depends on the anatomy, units given, and ability to metabolize the protein. Men will require three times the units compared to women due to muscle anatomy.

The GoodSkin Approach to Neurotoxins

At Goodskin, our neurotoxin technique blends our European aesthetic and training with preventative science. Rather than simply erasing wrinkles, our primary use of neurotoxins is to improve lift and create symmetry. By nature, all faces have muscles that pull up and pull down, and our focus with Botox is to relax and retrain the overly strong muscles that pull down, affecting their anatomy and creating a longer-lasting lift to the face. By leaving small wrinkles in carefully selected areas, we keep the face looking natural, genuine, and lively.

Additional Information Per Treatment

Each treatment area may have unique circumstances and specific guidelines. If you receive injections in these areas, follow the additional Botox aftercare instructions to help promote optimal results.

Brow Lift/Forehead

It will take two weeks to see full results in the lift. If you notice asymmetries after two weeks, please come in for a follow-up, as this may require a quick adjustment to tailor units to your muscles. If wearing a hat or sunglasses, it should not apply pressure to areas on the day of treatment.

Cat Eye

If you notice asymmetries after two weeks, please come in for a follow-up. Other than the above basics, no lifestyle modifications are needed on the day of treatment.

Crow's Feet

Our signature technique is to leave small wrinkles so the eye area does not appear stuck. Toxins in this area will last from four weeks to two months.

Ptosis (Uneven Eyes)

Toxins in this area will last 3-6 weeks. Because the ptotic eye can still be affected by sleep and sickness, we still anticipate that the smaller eye may be noticeable some days. We recommend clients use Upneeq eye drops to help with results, which is available for purchase in the clinic. Avoid rubbing the eye treated on the day of.

Bunny Lines

It is normal to still have some movement in the treatment area, as we aim to avoid an overly stiff appearance. Do not wear sunglasses for the first four hours after treatment.

Jelly Roll

Some clients experience minor swelling for the first week, which is normal. It is important to avoid examining this area while it still settles in. Once it fully settles in at about two weeks, you should notice a smooth, less baggy under-eye, especially when smiling.

Nasal Tip Droop

It will take three weeks to see the full results of this treatment. Botox in this area typically lasts 1-2 months at most.

Lip Lines

This Botox treatment is done for prevention. You will still have some lines when puckering, but the treatment will help to "retrain" your overuse of the motion. It is normal to have limited movement with whistling or the swishing motion of liquids. If you notice asymmetries, please come in for a follow-up.

Botox Lip Flip

Botox in this area uses smaller units at first and will last only 3-6 weeks. Over time toxin units can be increased to a tolerable level. The lip movement will be limited in some motions due to toxins in this area (like sipping through a straw).

Gummy Smile

It will take two weeks to see full results. Botox in this area typically lasts only 1-2 months.

DAO (Downturn Smile)

It takes two weeks to see full results, and Botox lasts around 1-2 months in this area. Occasionally, one side may take effect quicker than the other.

Tox Tightening

It will take three weeks to see full results. If you notice asymmetries when using the 'frown' muscles after three weeks, please come in for a follow-up.


You can expect less jaw tension within three weeks of treatment and slimming after 2-3 sessions. Some people experience a sore jaw for the first couple of weeks after their appointment, so we recommend chewing slowly and eating softer foods. The soreness may also be due to wanting to clench/grind, but your muscle prevents those actions. For the first four hours, do not eat heavy meals requiring a lot of chewing. Also, do not sleep or lean on the jaw area to avoid moving the Botox for the first few hours.

For heavy clenchers, it can be normal on days 2-5 to see the jaw muscle popping out upon chewing. In most cases, this resolves on its own. If not resolved after 1-2 weeks, please contact our office for additional units. Jaw Botox does not stop you from clenching your jaw but lessens your ability to do so.


If you notice asymmetries after two weeks, please come in for a follow-up, as this may require a quick adjustment. Sometimes one side may take effect quicker than the other. You may notice a bump, pull, or twitch in this instance. For this botox aftercare, we recommend a magnesium supplement to soothe muscle contractions. Magnesium is highly recommended for muscle cramping. If you experience any of these after two whole weeks, do not worry. Also, do not sleep or lean on the chin area to avoid moving Botox for the first few hours.


Botox for neck lifts takes 3-4 weeks to see a slimmer/ "pulled in" appearance. It is exceptionally rare but possible to notice tightness or have difficulty swallowing when the Botox sets in. In our experience, this has been reported by a very small percentage of clients and is generally short-lived. In the rare chance this happens, it is not expected from repeat treatments. It is normal to still have “bands” as we are not treating for necklace lines or neck bands.

Bell's Palsy / Asymmetry Botox Retraining

When we work with clients to retrain asymmetric muscles, this process is collaborative between client and provider. Follow-ups are essential so we can track muscle changes.

Botox Bruxism Triad

The triad consists of the jaw, neck, and traps. Areas treated may require more units due to the extent of clenching or bruxism.

Palmar Hyperhidrosis

Toxins in this area will limit sweating. There may be breakthrough sweating at specific points on the hands, which is treatable with additional units.

Botox Aftercare For Traps

This area requires higher units due to the muscle size. Traps should receive additional treatment after 3-4 months to encourage muscles to shrink. Full results will take multiple treatments. It is vital to follow careful form when working out to avoid injury. Soreness afterward for around 1-3 weeks is normal.

Underarm Sweating

After treatment, you may continue your regular skin care regimen with deodorant/antiperspirant. No lifestyle modifications or additional botox aftercare are needed day of treatment other than the above basics. There may be breakthrough sweating at certain points.

Correct Botox Aftercare: Correct Results

At GoodSkin, we focus on client comfort, safety, and successful treatments. Our methods allow for continuous treatment, which can be adjusted to ensure natural, beautiful results, including our after-care tips. Following proper Botox aftercare instructions helps results develop properly and allows you to heal more efficiently without adverse side effects.

At GoodSkin, we place great emphasis on meticulous after-treatment care. Our dedicated team is committed to providing a tailored and thorough after-treatment plan to facilitate a swift and optimal recovery. As part of this plan, we offer a personal patient advocate readily available to address any inquiries or concerns you may have. Additionally, we provide complimentary follow-up appointments to assess your progress and ensure your satisfaction. To learn more about GoodSkin, our methods, and treatment options, reach out for a consultation.


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