Bell’s Palsy Muscle Retraining

Bell’s Palsy is a nerve condition that affects the face. Botox for Bell’s Palsy can help retrain and restore your facial muscles after a bout with this condition.

While the exact cause of Bell’s Palsy is unknown, the nerves to the face become inflamed possibly following the onset of some sort of virus. This can lead to partial facial paralysis, which typically affects just one side of the face.

On rare occasion, both sides of the face can be impacted by Bell’s Palsy.

If you have symptoms of Bell’s Palsy, you should consult with a neurologist to make sure you have not had a stroke and to rule out other conditions such as Lyme Disease, tumors, or other syndromes.

Bell’s Palsy is not uncommon, and fortunately, it is usually temporary and will heal on its own. However, the facial structure may be impacted long after the palsy is gone.

How Long Does Bell's Palsy Last?

Two to three weeks is a common duration for Bell’s Palsy, but it can last for many months, depending on the person.

Even after the acute stage of Bell’s Palsy is over, you might have some changes to your facial appearance due to the weakening of specific muscles.

By treating the affected and unaffected sides differently, we can activate or deactivate specific muscles to create more symmetry. Asymmetry is a major complaint post-Bell’s Palsy.

We are experts in diagnoses. Our technique in using Botox to retrain muscle involves applying different units on each side of the face. We always tailor treatments for each person, so you can trust us to deliver a solution that improves your facial symmetry.

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