Compare The Untouched Look™ for yourself to see the stunning results achieved through GoodSkin's signature treatments.

AGE 58

Treatment Timetable: 3 months


Results achieved with Kybella and filler. Kybella was used to pemanetly dissolve the jowl fat pad, filler was used to extend chin and support lateral face.

AGE 62

Treatment Timetable: 7 months


Results achieved with Botox brow lift, Botox neck lift, silhouette thread lift, calcium neck wash, corner lip lift, subtle lip enhancement and Kybella. 

AGE 55

Treatment Timetable: 3 months


Results achieved with brow, chin and neck botox to retrain muscles and provide lift, undereye filler with cannula technique, tacking (cheek filler with cannula technique), dissolvable thread lift (four threads per side), kybella (permanently dissolves fat in submentum), pre jowl sulcus restoration (filler to diminish marionette lines, restore fat and bone loss).

AGE 38

Treatment Timetable: 3 months


Results achieved with:

Jaw Sculpting

Under Eye Filler
Subtle Lip Restoration

Botox Brow Lift

Botox Neck Lift

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