A lifelong ambition, international sojourn, and commitment to natural elegance galvanized Lisa Goodman to found GoodSkin™ in 2015. With multiple locations bicoastally run by a staff of ten, the company diligently earned its reputation as a trusted North American preeminent cosmetic boutique, and medical clinic. However, it would be Lisa’s own odyssey that informed the revolutionary approach comprising her brand’s philosophy and menu of services. 
In fact, a series of formative experiences unearthed a personal passion for the preservation of beauty. 

“I just always loved the idea of medicine and when I was 17, my mom was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called Vitiligo. My mom is Mexican, has really tan skin and is beautiful. But when it lost pigment, the whole thing was hard on her psyche—and for me to see her this way. So, I started exploring dermatology and the mind-body connection. My dad also concurrently achieved two PHDs, which was really inspiring. These events set everything in motion for me to pursue medical dermatology.”

Granted a full ride scholarship to The University of Florida, Lisa achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in nutrition with honors from University of Florida and went on to garner a Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Nova Southeastern University. Fresh out of school, she spent the next decade as a PA alongside some of the country’s most celebrated cosmetic surgeons, including AVA MD founder and celebrity favorite Dr. Shamban. 

However, a month in Europe changed everything for Lisa. In 2013, she entrenched herself in a popular French practice and studied a “more diagnostic, complicated approach” to care rather than simply administering one-off treatments at a rapid pace. The process encompassed medical history, and lifestyle history as well as studying the photos of a patient’s family members to determine the patients aging process. She returned home and started her own practice, GoodSkin™ incorporating this vision.

Emphasizing a wellness-based focus on slowing down the aging process, her methods empower clients to preserve their countenances. Eschewing the current one-stop trend for injectables, GoodSkin™ emphasizes a diagnostic approach rooted in wellness and augmented by careful science-based research. Renowned for combining the scientific foundation and nuanced and explorative consultations for long-term results, Lisa pioneers American healthy-aging by way of personalized regiments, including Blanching™, TackingLift™, CalciumJowlLift™, PRP Neppage Treatment, PRP (MD Depth) Microneedling, Threads, Aquagold Botox + Filler Facial, and more.

By 2019, it emerged as a go-to on both sides of the country. GoodSkin™ grew from its flagship Brentwood location to a new Los Angeles locale and its first New York city clinic. Along the way, she appeared in features by everyone from Elle to W Magazine as the Hollywood Reporter touted her on its “5 Under-the-Radar Facialists with Game-Changing Treatments.”

Most importantly, a desire to educate drives her.

“I love it when our team and clients walk away with an understanding of the science in which they are aging and how to slow it down,” she leaves off. “In slowing it down, they realize how beautiful they will stay, because they’re the best versions of themselves.”

Lisa is still based in her hometown of Los Angeles and has residence in New York City and Paris.

Lisa Goodman, PA | Lauren Pack, RN | Leif Rogers, MD

GoodSkin Los Angeles

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