Nurse Lauren Pack has perfected the “untouched look” while working alongside her sister, Lisa

Goodman, PA, founder of renowned healthy-aging clinic, GoodSkin Los Angeles.


Lauren attended University of Utah and was accepted into a prestigious program at Roseman

University of Health Sciences where she received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. During

her time in Utah, Lauren worked as a phlebotomist and phlebotomy trainer throughout her studies, and upon graduation, took on positions in various areas of the medical field including nursery, pediatrics, geriatrics, cardiac and ICU.


Lauren has always strived to serve others but realized her true passion is to educate people on

how to live healthier, more confident lives. After personally experiencing how skin treatments

and various procedures were able to help her gain more confidence, she knew that her calling

was to help women and men feel more empowered through aesthetics.


At GoodSkin Los Angeles, Lauren has adopted the same untouched aesthetic and customized

consultation overview the clinic has become known for. She has trained with renowned Korean

and Californian surgeons to perfect her technique in the procedure of “threading” – a

dissolvable suture that provides lift – and has received numerous certificates through medical

seminars. Lauren also attends the World healthy-aging Conference in Monaco every year to

continue her education with the best doctors and aesthetic experts around the world.

Lauren believes in helping patients find a more refreshed, younger-looking version of themselves. She and Lisa have both adopted the European Philosophy and believe in incorporating the “untouched look” into every consultation. Her detailed hand and expert techniques combined with her caring and honest approach, allow her to go beyond her patients’ expectations and desires.


Services and techniques offered at GoodSkin Los Angeles include Blanching™, TackingLift™, CalciumJowlLift™, PRP Nappage Treatment, PRP (MD depth) Microneedling, threads and Aquagold Botox + Filler Facial, among many others.

Lisa Goodman, PA | Lauren Pack, RN | Leif Rogers, MD

GoodSkin Los Angeles

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