The Advantages of Morpheus Skin Therapy

Feb 2023

morpheus skin therapy

There are so many different skin treatment options to treat various skin concerns around aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, and more. Determining which skin treatment is best for you, especially if you want to treat multiple skin concerns simultaneously, can feel overwhelming. If you’re searching for a powerful skin treatment to promote healthy aging, give you an overall more even and healthy complexion, and make you feel better in your skin, then Morpheus skin therapy may be the right treatment. 

GoodSkin experts treat every client individually, providing a unique healthy aging plan. Determining if Morpheus is the right treatment option involves a detailed look into your natural genetic qualities and how those may be impacted by age. 

Morpheus skin therapy involves the latest technology in microneedling and radiofrequency energy to target the deepest layers of the skin. From diminishing the look of acne scars and hyperpigmentation to skin tightening and lifting, this minimally invasive skin treatment combined with GoodSkin’s tailored approach can help you maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin.

What is Morpheus?

Morpheus is a non-invasive skin treatment that combines microneedling with radiofrequency energy to promote collagen production and improve the appearance of the skin. The treatment involves a handheld device containing tiny needles that penetrate the skin and deliver radiofrequency energy to the deeper layers. This stimulates the production of collagen, which helps tighten and smooth the skin.

The microneedling component of the treatment creates tiny microchannels in the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin. Collagen is a protein that helps to keep the skin firm and elastic. Elastin is a protein that allows the skin to stretch and recoil. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen and elastin, which can cause the skin to become thin, saggy, and wrinkled. 

The radiofrequency energy delivered during the treatment also helps to improve the skin's elasticity to help with skin tightening. The energy penetrates deep into the skin, heating up the underlying tissues and causing the collagen fibers to contract. This can help to tighten and lift the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks.

Morpheus is a safe and effective treatment suitable for all skin types and can be used to improve various skin issues, including wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks. The Morpheus device can be adjusted to vary the depth of the microneedling and the level of radiofrequency energy delivered, allowing the treatment to be personalized based on each client’s specific needs.

At GoodSkin Clinics, our experts dedicate as much time as needed during each Morpheus treatment session to ensure the settings are customized just right so clients can achieve The Untouched Look. Morpheus can be used to treat different sides of the face to work on asymmetries and even out specific issues individually.  

Advantages of Morpheus

Due to the combined approach that Morpheus uses with microneedling and radiofrequency, plus its ability to treat many different skin concerns, this skin therapy comes with numerous benefits. 

Treats Various Facial Concerns & Combining Treatments

One of the main advantages of Morpheus is treating multiple skin concerns on its own while also being easily paired with several other treatments to achieve a natural, lifted look. Morpheus is often used to provide a tightening and lifting effect, delivering a more youthful appearance to the skin and face. 

If there are many different skin concerns that need addressing, other types of skin treatments can be combined to provide a highly tailored approach. At GoodSkin, we often combine Morpheus with other laser treatments, such as CO2, Resurfx, Clear & Brilliant, and M8R. Combining other treatments with Morpheus allows us to treat multiple concerns, such as tightening, pores, texture, and fine lines to create natural, healthy results tailored to your skin.

Treats Stretch Marks

Morpheus is also very effective at treating stretch marks and can improve skin concerns like acne and rosacea. The radiofrequency energy delivered during the treatments helps to break down tissue and stimulate the production of new collagen, which can help improve the overall appearance of stretch marks.


Unlike some other skin treatments, Morpheus is a non-invasive treatment option with minimal downtime. While Morpheus isn’t entirely painless, our laser experts dedicate time to each treatment to ensure the device settings are appropriate for each client’s skin and that the pain is minimal to deliver effective results. 

Safe & Effective for All Skin Types

Unlike other skin treatments, Morpheus is a safe and effective skin treatment for virtually any skin type. Those with acne may initially see a flare-up after treatment, but it will not last and can be improved with Morpheus. 

While skin type is not a disqualifier for receiving Morpheus, it may not be the best treatment if you have open wounds or sunburns or a skin condition like psoriasis or eczema and your symptoms are not under control. At GoodSkin, every client receives a diagnosis and treatment plan before any procedures. A diagnostic appointment at GoodSkin will include looking at your natural genetic qualities and evaluating the aging process on your skin. Only after creating a healthy aging plan will any procedures on the skin take place. No treatment occurs at GoodSkin without working with an expert to determine how to achieve your most natural results. 

Customizable Treatments

Morpheus treatments are entirely customizable to help treat each client’s unique skin concerns. The Morpheus device can be programmed and adjusted, including the depth of the microneedling and the level of the radiofrequency energy delivered to allow for individualized treatment based on specific skin needs. At GoodSkin, we’re known for customizing our Morpheus treatments to address clients’ asymmetries and work closely with each client’s facial anatomy and skin type. Morpheus is customized for each session to follow along with the skin’s progress. 

Boosts Collagen Production

As mentioned earlier, Morpheus stimulates the production of collagen, a protein essential for healthy, youthful-looking skin. Collagen helps to keep the skin firm and elastic, but our bodies produce less collagen as we age. Morpheus helps to stimulate collagen production, which can help to improve the overall health and appearance of the skin and allows the skin to improve over time for better and longer-lasting results. 

Improves Skincare Product Absorption

Morpheus can also help improve the absorption of skincare products, which helps further improve the appearance over time and aid in creating longer-lasting results. The microneedling component of the treatment creates microchannels in the skin, which allows for better absorption of topical treatments. This means any skincare products applied after the treatment will be more effective and provide better results.

GoodSkin With Morpheus

There’s a reason why Morpheus has become such a popular skin treatment for many different skin types. Not only does it help treat a variety of skin concerns to achieve more youthful skin, but it also has a tremendously positive and powerful effect on skin health. Whether you want to improve your skin's appearance, promote a healthy aging process, or treat specific skin issues, Morpheus is a great option. 

If you’re ready to see if Morpheus is right for you, GoodSkin has a talented team of professionals with experience in Morpheus skin therapy ready to help you achieve natural, refreshed results. We provide assessment and treatment plans tailored to your skin to achieve healthy results with professional care. To get started, schedule an appointment to learn about how you can invest in yourself with GoodSkin.

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