Non-Surgical Jaw Contouring with the Best Dermal Fillers

Mar 2023

non-surgical jaw contouring

A defined jawline can bring balance to the face and create a more attractive and well-proportioned profile. Some people naturally have the bone structure to give them a prominent jawline, while others have a weaker jawbone. Jawline definition can also be lost as we age and naturally begin to lose volume and bone mass.

While surgical options like jaw implants are common, non-surgical jaw contouring is a popular alternative thanks to advancements in dermal fillers. In the past, the only option for those who wanted to improve their jawline was to undergo invasive surgery. However, with dermal fillers and the right techniques, you can now achieve a more defined jawline without surgery and extensive downtime. 

At GoodSkin, our approach to jawline fillers is to help preserve your natural jawline or correct facial bone structure and deliver natural results. From diagnosis to your treatment and revealing the final results, our goal is to keep your appearance looking healthy and fresh. With a focus on healthy aging and improving natural beauty, we create a jawline contouring treatment plan specific to your facial anatomy with our filler techniques.

What is Non-Surgical Jaw Contouring?

Jaw contouring is a cosmetic procedure that involves changing the shape of the jawline to make it more defined and aesthetically pleasing. This can be done to improve the facial contours or rebuild lost bone mass due to aging with the use of filler. Previously, the most available option to achieve a more defined jawline was to undergo surgery for a jaw implant. However, dermal fillers provide a non-invasive option for achieving a contoured jawline without the risks and downtime surgery requires.

GoodSkin Jawline Contouring Filler Techniques

At GoodSkin clinics, our filler techniques are used to preserve and correct bone structure. They are designed not to fill the face but improve the contours and provide a refreshed and healthy look. We take the same careful approach to jawline contouring as we do with all other filler treatments. 

It’s natural to lose bone mass in the jaw area as part of the aging process, which can reduce the definition and contour of the area. For clients looking to preserve their bone structure or regain their natural jawline, dermal filler jawline contouring may be the right treatment path. 

Our filler experts take a tailored approach to ensure each client’s natural bone structure is preserved and improved upon by starting out with a diagnosis before choosing the best technique and filler. We examine the areas of concern, bone structure, and fat pads and then determine the best product and technique to preserve the structure of the jawline, reduce further signs of aging in the area, and improve the jawline contour.

GoodSkin has formulated our jawline contouring filler technique for men and women to provide the best, individualized results.

Jaw Sculpt

Using jawline fillers in women at an early stage can help slow down bone loss and improve the look of jowls. It's important to note that women require a different approach than men due to the development of notching in the posterior jawline. If you're seeking gender-neutral alternatives, we encourage open discussion with your clinical provider about those options.

Jawline fillers for men aim to achieve a well-defined jaw-to-neck ratio and create the appearance of a smaller submental area (chin). For men, a bone-like filler is applied along the jawline. The filler moves in sync with the underlying bone during everyday activities such as talking, chewing, and moving, underscoring the importance of using the right technique.

Our clinical team focuses heavily on technique to ensure the most natural-looking results, taking into account all of the movements performed in treatment areas.


Dermal filler jawline contouring offers an array of benefits for those looking to preserve and strengthen their natural jawline:

Here are some of the key benefits of non-surgical jaw contouring with dermal filler:

  • Enhanced Facial Contour: If facial contour has been lost due to aging or you desire to improve your natural jawline, filler can help. Non-surgical jaw contouring with dermal filler can create a more defined and distinct jawline, significantly enhancing one's overall facial structure.

  • Safe and Effective: Non-surgical jaw contouring with dermal filler is a safe procedure that is minimally invasive. Unlike surgical methods, which carry a certain degree of risk and require a longer recovery time, non-surgical jaw contouring is a faster process with little downtime.

  • Natural-looking Results: One of the most significant advantages of non-surgical jaw contouring is that it can produce natural-looking results. The fillers used in the procedure are carefully selected to match your natural skin and bone structure, which helps to create a more healthy, well-balanced appearance.

  • Individualized: Non-surgical jaw contouring with dermal filler is a customizable procedure tailored to meet each client’s unique needs, goals, and existing bone structure. The amount of filler and the specific injection technique used can be adjusted to achieve the ideal results.

  • Improved Self-Confidence: GoodSkin strives to help clients feel more like themselves, promoting healthy aging and natural results. Jaw contouring and other treatments may help individuals feel more confident in their skin and in the aging process, reducing the stress around retaining physical beauty.

Personalized Support

The GoodSkin Method works with mother nature to provide healthy and refreshing results that do not look synthetic or inauthentic. The GoodSkin Method commences with a comprehensive examination of your inherent genetic traits, including bone, muscle, skin, fat, and fascia. This deep dive into your unique makeup furnishes us with valuable insights into your aging journey and establishes the groundwork for your entire treatment regimen.

Each GoodSkin client is unique and receives a specialized plan to fit with their aesthetic and look. Each time you visit, we will provide a personalized Healthy Aging Plan, which will detail our vision for achieving optimal results and the guidelines for how we will accomplish this. This plan serves as the treatment guide, leading us every step of the way.


You will only receive treatments that suit you and your skin after a thorough evaluation and diagnosis. If Jaw Sculpt fits into the treatment plan, it will help delay bone loss in the area and provide a more contoured look to the area.

Natural Jawline Contouring

Non-surgical jaw contouring with dermal fillers is a safe and effective option for those who need to enhance the appearance of their jawline and preserve their natural bone structure without the need for surgery. At GoodSkin, it’s our mission to deliver natural, healthy results that improve, restore, and retain each client’s jawline and bone structure to achieve ideal results. No two clients are alike, and we dedicate significant time to selecting the right product and treatment techniques to contour the jawline in a natural way. 

If you’re interested in improving your jawline with non-invasive filler, work with a professional team that you can feel confident will provide the best results and experience. GoodSkin provides tailored assessment and treatment plans catered to you. With a focus on natural, elegant results, the team at GoodSkin can help you preserve and contour your jawline to achieve the most authentic look for you. Schedule an appointment today with our team to begin your healthy aging process.
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